Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 333

Chapter 333: I'm Sorry (13)

Her period actually arrived whilst she was asleep?

The sanitary pad, who helped her put it in? Suspicion flashed across her mind.

Madam Chen brought up a cup of water. "Missus, you're finally awake. You slept really hard last night. You didn't even notice that you were on your period. In the end, Mr. Lu discovered it."

Lu Jinnian discovered it? So that's to say, he came back to Mian Xiu Garden last night?

Madam Chen, who liked to chatter, continued on, "At first, Mr. Lu didn't know your period came when he saw you bleeding. He thought something had happened to you, so he hurriedly carried you and rushed you over to the hospital. You really firghtened me at the time."

Was there really such a blunder? Yet Qiao Anhao didn't want to smile the least bit, because all she could think about was the thought of Lu Jinnian helping her put in the sanitary pad.

Qiao Anhao's face heated up in a instant, and she couldn't help but glance over at Lu Jinnian.

Lu Jinnian's expression was calm as usual. Ever since he took the cup from madam Chen, it was like he felt some warmth. He held it for a while before striding over to the bedside.

As he drew closer, Qiao Anhao's face heated up, and she couldn't help but lower her head.

Madam Chen, who still stood to a side, said, "Missus, thank goodness your period came. At the time, I thought you had a miscarriage..."

When Lu Jinnian heard those words, a fl.u.s.tered look flashed across his eyes. But then he quickly regained his composure, casually interrupting Madam Chen, "Missus just woke up, she must be hungry. Did you cook soup? Bring it up."

Lu Jinnian's reminder made Madam Chen remember important business. She immediately said, "I'll go now."

Then she turned around and ran down the stairs.

Qiao Anhao's mind was filled with the thought of Lu Jinnian putting in the sanitary pad for her. She simply didn't pay attention to what Madam Chen had been saying. Not to mention, since she started feeling bloated yesterday afternoon, she though her period was coming, so she didn't think much of it.

Lu Jinnian saw that Qiao Anhao's expression looked quite normal, and it left him at ease. He brought the cup to her. "Didn't you want a drink?"

When Qiao Anhao heard Lu Jinnian's voice, her face was almost blood-red. She quickly lifted her head and glanced up at him. Then she took the cup, lowered her eyes, and drank the water.

After Qiao Anhao drank half the cup, Madam Chen brought over some food.

Having brought the tray to the bedside cabinet, she picked up the soup, stirred it a little, and was ready to feed Qiao Anhao, when Lu Jinnian, who was standing nearby, said flatly, "Let me."

By the time he said it, he had already sat down by the bed and was moving to tentatively put two pillows behind Qiao Anhao.

Madam Chen froze, then immediately handed Lu Jinnian the soup with enthusiasm.

Lu Jinnian scooped a spoonful of soup, blew on it, and brought it near Qiao Anhao's lips.

Qiao Anhao was a little shocked by the affection. She furrowed her brows and hesitated for a bit, to confirm she wasn't in a dream. Then she opened her mouth and ate the soup.

When Lu Jinnian finished feeding her soup, he started to feed her rice.

Madam Chen made steamed fish. With every piece he picked up, Lu Jinnian was afraid there were bones in it.

His expression was very focused and serious. It was as though he was carrying out really important work.

Qiao Anhao couldn't help but feel a little stunned. She still felt that this moment she was living now was just like a dream.