Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 335

Chapter 335: I'm Sorry (15)

Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows, and as though lightning had struck his mind, a series of thoughts flashed through his head...

He was clear that Qiao Anhao had been vomiting that morning, but he had simply a.s.sumed that she had gastric problems. He had even forced her to visit the hospital, but after she entered the car, she had received a call from Han Ruchu regarding Xu Jiamu... 

After that day, her vomiting seemed to have subsided, so he a.s.sumed that she was getting better and had calmed down a little... 

On hindsight, Qiao Anhao never seemed to have gastric problems, the nausea was because of the pregnancy and when she had a miscarriage, the nausea stopped as well. 

"Mr. Lu?" Madam Chen looked at Lu Jinnian, who stood by the stairs in silence, his gaze focused on the lamp in the living room. He looked to be deep in thought. 

When he came back to his senses, there wasn't much expression on his face. In his usual calm, frosty voice, he replied, "Forget it, heat some milk for Mrs. Lu, she just ate an hour ago, she's probably still full." 

"Yes, Mr. Lu." 

Lu Jinnian nodded. 

Madam Chen walked back to the kitchen, and Lu Jinnian's gaze fell back to the lamp.

When Madam Chen heated some milk and brought it out of the kitchen, she noticed that Lu Jinnian was still standing by the stairs. She was mesmerized for a heartbeat. The dim warm lights from above the stairs scattered across his face, blurring his features. 

She froze slightly. "Mr. Lu? Why are you still here?" 

"Yea," he replied faintly before looking towards the milk in her hands. "Give it to me." 

Madam Chen hurriedly brought the cup over. 

Lu Jinnian turned and walked back up to the bedroom where Qiao Anhao was cuddled in, watching television. When she heard the door open, she took a quick look before focusing her attention back on the television. 

Lu Jinnian walked to the bed and pa.s.sed the milk over. "Madam Chen just heated it." 

Qiao Anhao looked up at him, her gaze staying a while longer, seemingly in a struggle. In the end, she reached out and hugged the cup of milk with both hands, taking small sips as she watched the television. 

Lu Jinnian didn't leave. He stood by the bed, his gaze on Qiao Anhao. Then he suddenly asked, "Have you been sleeping badly?" 

"No.." Qiao Anhao was confused by his random question, she shook her head and turned to look at him. "Why?" 

"Nothing," he replied faintly before taking two steps back to lean on the vanity table. After a while, he asked again, "I heard that you brought some swallow's nest back home?" 

Qiao Anhao took another sip of milk before nodding. 

"You like it? There isn't much left, I'll get Madam Chen to buy more tomorrow," Lu Jinnian said without emotion in his voice. 

Lu Jinnian seemed to be trying to talk to her... Even though Qiao Anhao had been upset and had made up her mind to ignore him, she could no longer suppress herself after all his kind acts.