Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 338

Chapter 338: I'm Sorry (18)
Chapter 338: I'm Sorry (18)

Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

Lu Jinnian stared at the text, starting to feel anxious. He stared at the sleeping Qiao Anhao for a moment before turning to walk out of the bedroom to his study room to call his a.s.sistant. 

The man picked up instantly. Lu Jinnian didn't say anything, but his a.s.sistant was already used to how their conversations worked. He started to report the news, "Mr. Lu, I found a trustworthy friend from college to do the check and the next day the results were out, but my friend was overseas and he just came back. I went to find him this afternoon." 

"Yea," Lu Jinnian replied, indicating that he was listening. 

The a.s.sistant didn't jump straight to the point, but instead asked him, "Mr. Lu, where did you get the swallow's nest?" 

Lu Jinnian frowned, starting to feel uneasy

The a.s.sistant remembered that the night that Lu Jinnian had gotten him to investigate the contents of the swallow's nest, he had made sure to remind him not to let the Xu family find out, hence he asked, "Mr. Lu, is this from the Xu family?" 

Lu Jinnian remained silent. 

His a.s.sistant seemed to have received a reaffirmation since he continued, "Did Miss Qiao eat the swallow's nest?" 

Lu Jinnian seemed to have had his suspicions confirmed. In a hoa.r.s.e voice drenched with anxiety and menace, he asked, "Are there sleeping pills in the swallow's nest?" 

The a.s.sistant remained silent. Lu Jinnian didn't rush him, waiting patiently. After a long while, the man spoke again. "Mr. Lu, there are indeed sleeping pills in the swallow's nest. There isn't a lot, but it has a calming component that in large quant.i.ties would cause the user to be unconscious." 

Lu Jinnian didn't have the ability to figure out the truth at first glance, but when Madam Chen had mentioned that she had taken the swallow's nest from the set, he started to suspect and had tried to pry the information from Qiao Anhao. Rather than to call it suspicion, it would be more appropriate to name it intuition. It was the same intuition that he had felt the night that his and Qiao Anhao's child had died. That day, he had felt uneasy and weird, hence deciding to return back to Mian Xiu Garden. 

Because of that same intuition, he had gotten his a.s.sistant to check the swallow's nest. 

He had thought that the results would be out by the second day, but it had dragged on for such a long time. He didn't rush his a.s.sistant the entire time, for deep down he probably already had an answer, he just wasn't in the right mind to accept it yet. 

In the end, it was exactly what he had guessed, there were sleeping pills in the swallow's nest. 

Sleeping pills.... 

Lu Jinnian's fingers started to tremble more and more. His lips pressed into a thin line, not able to say a word. 

His eyes became bloodshot, turning a deep shade of red, a menace tainting his face. His breathing grew more labored, and he snarled, "She killed my child..."

The a.s.sistant seemed to have wanted to say something, but the moment he heard Lu Jinnian, a s.h.i.+ver ran through his spine. He asked, "Mr. Lu?"