Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 343

Chapter 343: I'm Sorry (23)
Chapter 343: I'm Sorry (23)

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"How can you smoke when you have so many injuries?" Qiao Anhao chastised, throwing the cigarette into the ash tray. When she saw a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in his other hand, she snatched then over without hesitation, throwing them into the rubbish bin.

Her actions were smooth and swift, and Lu Jinnian looked at her without any anger or blame.

After dealing with the smoke, she pulled him to the sofa.

Lu Jinnian looked down at her small hands that had grabbed him, his eyes turning gentle. Without any resistance, he followed her obediently like a lamb.

Qiao Anhao pointed to the sofa and instructed, "Sit."

She took an antiseptic towel and started to wipe her hands.

Lu Jinnian remained silent, sitting on the sofa obediently.

Qiao Anhao knelt in front of the coffee table and started fiddling with the medicine that the doctor had given her. She took a cotton wool ball out and tore the wrapper. Turning to Lu Jinnian, she commanded again, "Take off your shirt."

Qiao Anhao tapped the cotton wool ball in antiseptic before starting to disinfect his wounds, her heart clenching with each swipe. His back to her, there was a faint smile on his face.

The glass shards were tiny, so even though there were many injuries, they weren't deep and the blood had already stopped flowing. Qiao Anhao disinfected them, one by one, before applying the medicine.

Lu Jinnian could feel the gentleness of her hands caressing his wounds. The anger started dissipating, leaving heartache and tenderness behind.

After Madam Chen had sent the doctor off, she went back upstairs to check on them. When she reached the bedroom door, she could see from the opening that Lu Jinnian was sitting on the sofa while Qiao Anhao at the side, helping him apply the medicine.

Even though there wasn't a conversation, through the dim light scattering on their bodies, she could tell that it was a peaceful moment and that her worries were unfounded.

Madam Chen didn't disturb them, she went back down silently.

After Qiao Anhao had applied the medicine, she poured a cup of water and passed it to Lu Jinnian. She took four pills and pushed them to him. In a light voice, she said, "Have some anti-inflammatory pills, this is to prevent infection. And you can't shower today, it'll probably scab and become better by tomorrow."

Even though there wasn't much emotion on Lu Jinnian's face, but deep inside he felt all warm and tingly. He didn't object or hesitate, reaching over to take the pills and swallowing them.

Qiao Anhao looked as Lu Jinnian drank the cup of water. After a while, she asked in exasperation, "What exactly happened to make you so mad?"

Lu Jinnian felt his throat choke up. He remained silent for a long while, trying to force his saliva down. "Company matters."