Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 351

Chapter 351: I love you, I love you (7)
Chapter 351: I love you, I love you (7)

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Qiao Anhao looked at the reporter and blinked. Her long eye lashes were like the wings of a butterfly when she did so. Then, with all seriousness, she said, "The person I love is Mr. Lu."

Lu Jinnian, who was seated beside her, was sipping from a glass of red wine, before he could swallow, he took in the full sentence.

The person I love is Mr. Lu...

The hand with which he held the wine glass trembled, and he had to force down the wine in his mouth. His heart thumped rapidly, as though it was about to fly out of his chest, and he used all his strength to clench the wine glass in his hand. Holding his breath, he tried desperately to calm himself, but he still couldn't stop his fingers from shivering.

The reporter was also startled by Qiao Anhao's reply. Even though he had been on the ball the entire interview, his mind seemed to have gone blank in that instant. He looked at Qiao Anhao in shock, unable to say a word.

An elegant and beautiful smile continued to fill Qiao Anhao's face as she looked at the reporter with clear eyes, but deep in her heart, a sour feeling had spread.

Ever since the start, she had only loved him, never wavering, never changing, but she had never dared to say it out.

Just now, when the reporter had asked her, she had wanted to dismiss her with "I haven't met anyone that touched me" or "I would like to know who he is as well" or a million other response, but in that instance she had replied, something flashed across her mind and the truth just came blurting out.

The person I love is Mr. Lu, is Lu Jinnian.

Only heavens would know how many times she had said that sentence in her mind.

Ever since half a year ago when she had become close to him once again, she had never dared to show her feelings, never had the opportunity to, but now, she finally had the chance.

Even though she knew that it would all become a joke.

Qiao Anhao struggled to keep her lips curled, forcing her smile to not look painful or sorrowful. In a casual voice, she continued, breaking the silence, "Previously you mentioned that Lu Jinnian is the publicly acclaimed 'Nation Husband' , it wouldn't make sense if i didn't choose him as the person I love, right?"

The reporter was finally able to snap out of her daze so she was kidding. She continued to cooperate and turned to Lu Jinnian, teasing him, "Miss Qiao just confessed to you, Mr. Lu are you going to accept her?"

Lu Jinnian struggled to come back to his senses and calm his rapidly beating heart. With a calm expression, he swallowed the red wine in his mouth, casually placed the wine glass on the table, and looked towards the reporter. With a deep gaze, his tone seemingly hard to decipher, he replied, "I would never tell you that the person I have been waiting for all this time is Miss Qiao."