Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 360

Chapter 360: I love you, I love you (16)

In that instance, Qiao Anhao had just refreshed her page, and when she saw his response, her lips curled into a smile uncontrollably. 

She didn't continue to reply Lu Jinnian on weibo, but every now and then, she her attention would be drawn to him, sitting beside her.

In the car, even though the two of them didn't talk, the atmosphere felt particularly affectionate.

When the car drove past a rather old KTV, Qiao Anhao thought back to when Lu Jinnian and her had started to grow closer in the first year of high school. Every year, he would give her a birthday present, up until the year she graduated. Since then, she had not received any of his presents.

Back then, it was also coincidentally when their relations.h.i.+p started to gradually grow to become colder.

In high school, she treated her cla.s.smates at that KTV many times.

After the car had long pa.s.sed the KTV, Qiao Anhao turned her head and looked over at Lu Jinnian. "Who would have thought that you remembered my birthday. I thought you’d have forgotten it long ago."

Lu Jinnian stared straight at the neon lights on the street in front. The lights endlessly flashed across his face, which made his expression look slightly blurred. He was silent for around five seconds, then said, "I've never forgotten."

Her birthday, his mother's birthday, and the anniversary of his mother's pa.s.sing were the most important dates these past years. He'd never forgotten them once.

Qiao Anhao's heart trembled, and an unspeakable anxiousness came over her. She held her breath and asked, as though to confirm something, "You always remembered my birthday?"

"After celebrating seven birthdays, how could I forget?" As Lu Jinnian said those words, his tone seemed to reveal an indescribable sentiment.

Even though the birthday gifts he gave her in her youth were modest, he would spend that day with her every year.

From the first year of high school till the first year of university, it had been seven years. In those seven years, he had fought his very hardest to love her.

Seven years?

Those words instantly reminded Qiao Anhao of their youth, and the days she persisted in loving him. She had cherished every one of his gifts, like they were the world's most precious treasures.

Qiao Anhao’s brows suddenly furrowed. That wasn't right. She only received six presents in the past. Why did he say 'seven years'? Did it include this year's present?

Qiao Anhao thought of asking Lu Jinnian when her phone suddenly rang.

It was an unknown number.

Qiao Anhao swallowed her words and picked up the phone. The sound of a polite woman's voice came from the other line. "Pardon me, am I speaking to Mr. Xu Jiamu's wife, Mrs. Qiao Anhao?"

Qiao Anhao was stunned for a moment. "And you are?"

"It's the hospital, Mr. Xu has just woken up. I called the Xu family, but n.o.body was available to take the call, so I could only contact you."

"I'll be right there." Qiao Anhao hung up the phone, and said to Lu Jinnian beside her, "We have to go to the hospital. Brother Jiamu just woke up."

Lu Jinnian gave a gentle nod and silently turned the car around, towards Xu Jiamu's hospital.

Along the way, from the bottom of his heart, he thought... with Xu Jiamu awake, would that be the end of them?

Along the way, from the bottom of her heart, she thought... with Brother Jiamu awake and how well their current relations.h.i.+p was, could they still be friends like this after the marriage was over?

Along the way, the two of them had different thoughts. One was afraid of breaking up, the other thought of starting anew.