Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 378

Chapter 378: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (8)
Chapter 378: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (8)

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Lu Jinnian glanced at her smile, bliss and tenderness enveloping his heart. This was the most beautiful part of life: No matter how busy you were, the moment you finish, the person you love is there, waiting with the warmest smile.

He looked at her gentle smile for a long while before blinking. In a warm voice, he asked, "Hungry?"

"I'm fine." An hour ago, she was indeed hungry, but after such a long time, the hunger had gone away.

Lu Jinnian grabbed his car keys and wallet from the coffee table while saying, "Let's go, I'll get you some food."

He brought her to the White House Restaurant in Beijing city which cost at least five digits per meal, with an additional twenty percent of service charge. The restaurant was a place that money alone could not buy. It was said that the female waitresses here had a higher requirement than in "Paradise", the biggest nightclub in Beijing.

This was the first time that Qiao Anhao had entered in this restaurant, and it was just as the rumors had made it out to be. Just the entrance fee was seven digits and thats not inclusive of the meal. All the wine served was world famous and the servers were dressed in light colored qipaos which hugged their curvaceous figures and had amazing visuals. It was definitely a place that nourished the eyes.

Truthfully, the restaurant was extravagant. The food was good but it wasn't worth its price tag.

Even if the price wasn't worth it, Qiao Anhao still had an enjoyable meal.

After their meal, it was already late and the entire city was lit up.

Lu Jinnian sped across the quiet night back the film set.

Qiao Anhao didn't want to separate from Lu Jinnian just yet, so when the car stopped, she unwillingly unfastened her seatbelt and alighted from the car slowly.

The two of them walked side by side into the hotel entrance. The bellboy pressed the elevator after the two of them entered it. Lu Jinnian pressed his floor while she pressed her floor.

She looked at the red numbers on the elevator ascending ,one number at a time, reaching her floor in an instance. When the elevator doors opened, she turned around unwillingly to bid him goodbye.

Lu Jinnian nodded lightly, saying, "Goodnight."

Qiao Anhao continued to stare at him for a while. Only when the elevator doors made a sound did she quickly exit. When she was about to turn and wave to him, the doors were already shut.

After Lu Jinnian reached his room, he ripped off his tie and removed his shirt before walking to the bathroom. Just then, he received a text from Qiao Anhao, [Thank you for the scrumptious meal tonight.]

Lu Jinnian's actions slowed. With his free hand, he typed a few words, replying with [You're welcome.]

She quickly replied with a smiley face, saying, [I'll go and shower now, goodnight.]