Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 379

Chapter 379: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (9)

Lu Jinnian responded with a [Goodnight], and after he confirmed that she wasn't going to reply, he entered the bathroom. 

After coming out, he wanted to smoke out of habit, but when he touched his pocket, he realized that it was empty. He remembered that he had thrown it away. Instead, he poured a cup of hot water for himself and sat down on the living room sofa to watch television. 

After flipping through a few channels, he switched the television off, tossing the remote control on the coffee table. That's when he saw the iPad. He picked it up and saw that Qiao Anhao had been watching the movie "Nian Nian's Notebook".

He exited the movie and found that there was an additional QQ chat software on his iPad. It was definitely downloaded by Qiao Anhao, so he clicked in and realized that she hasn't logged out of her account. He entered the main page and began reading, sentence by sentence. 

Most of her entries were about her feelings and what she wanted to do for that day and other random thoughts like "Randomly craving Häagen-Dazs", "Really wis.h.i.+ng to watch a concert", "Having a meal with sis tonight". These words didn't seem to hold much meaning, and occasionally there was a photo of her in her entries. 

Lu Jinnian scanned each entry in detail, all the way to five years ago, which was nearly a thousand and two hundred entries ago. Among them there were at least four hundred selfies, with almost twenty different hairstyles, thirty-eight shared songs, twenty-four overseas trips—Hangzhou taking up seven times—and three novels, with one recently filmed into a drama. 

In the five years that they didn't have any interaction, he had constantly been wondering what she had been up to, and tonight, he had been been able to fill in on her life for those five years. 

Lu Jinnian placed the iPad down and glanced at the time. It was already 00.00, and he was about to head to bed when his phone vibrated. He reached for it and realized that it was a month after Qiao Anhao had a miscarriage and she was due for a checkup. 

She didn't know that she had lost a child, how was he supposed to bring her to the hospital? 

But she couldn't not go for the check up either... What if there were any complications? 

Lu Jinnian stared at the phone screen for a long while, his eyes s.h.i.+nning when he thought of something. He lifted his phone and called his a.s.sistant. 

After reaching her room, Qiao Anhao took a shower before climbing into the bed to sleep. The next morning, she woke up earlier to wash up. Only after she was done did Zhao Meng wake up to bath in a daze. 

While waiting for Zhao Meng, Qiao Anhao recalled that Qiao Anxia had sent her a delivery. She walked around the room in search and found a box on the study table. She walked up and ripped off the packaging, find inside was a channel packaging. She opened it and found the latest earring design with a card in Qiao Anxia's handwriting. "Qiao Qiao, Happy Birthday, Anxia." 

A smile spread across her face when she picked up the card and the earrings. She packed the wrapper and packaging, realizing then that there was a letter beneath the box. The sender's information wasn't written, there was only her information. She frowned, tearing the envelope open. She pulled out the paper and scanned the contents, her face paling instantly.