Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Afraid to Cause Trouble (2)
Chapter 38: Afraid to Cause Trouble (2)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anhao made small talk with producer Sun and, before they parted ways, he asked for her contact number so that he could liaise with her for suitable productions in the future.

Qiao Anhao didn't find anything amiss, giving him her contact number.

After exchanging numbers, producer Sun put away his phone, then said, "Xiao Qiao, I have something on later, I'll head off first."

She hurriedly reached out to help producer Sun open the car door. Once he was well seated, she shut the car door. Waving at producer Sun, she bid him farewell sweetly, "Goodbye Mr. Sun."

Producer Sun waved back and the car left.

She still had her smile even after the car was far off into the distance. Just then, it dawned on her that Zhao Meng was not back yet. She reached for her phone and dialed Zhao Meng's number while looking around in search for her. But she was nowhere in sight.

Before Qiao Anhao could make the call, she saw Lu Jinnian walking towards her. Unconsciously, she froze and lowered her lashes.

Qiao Anhao thought that Lu Jinnian would ignore her, walking by as usual, but this time, he had stopped directly in front of her.

Her heart beat rapidly. Anxiously, she lifted her head to look at Lu Jinnian.

He remained impassive, his gaze focused on her mobile phone without any emotion.

Qiao Anhao was already immune to Lu Jinnian's cold manner, but she didn't understand why he would stare at her phone with such intensity.

Her fingers froze from Lu Jinnian's frosty gaze. She moved them unnaturally, clenching the phone tighter. Since Lu Jinnian showed no intention of speaking, she tried to shield her embarrassment by changing the topic.

"Err, thank you for helping me out back there."

Truthfully, the fact that Lu Jinnian would help her out in that kind of situation left her totally and utterly flattered. In that instance, she felt as though her heart had blossomed into a mini garden. She was left in pure happiness. Even though it had been an hour, warmth and sweetness still squeezed her heart whenever she thought of it.

He had actually helped her... Did that mean.. deep inside his heart, he didn't hate her that much?

Lu Jinnian heard Qiao Anhao, and his gaze slowly shifted from her phone to her face.

As the dim street lighting hit her white porcelain skin, her features softened, making her look sweet and gentle.