Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 382

Chapter 382: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (12)

Qiao Anhao's expression became ghastly, and she silently stared at the nurse.

The nurse took a deep breath, and continued to say, "It was Mr. Lu who carried you into the hospital. The doctor gave you a check up. You were already two months pregnant, so Mr. Lu signed for the doctor to carry out an abortion."

There was a hint of anger in Qiao Anhao's eyes. "When all is said and done, what is your motive? I just asked in the hospital. I clearly didn't have a D&C at your hospital!"

"I don't have a motive at all, and I didn't lie to you. I just can't live it down. The only reason you couldn't find any evidence of your abortion, it's because Mr. Lu's a.s.sistant already got in contact with the higher ups at the hospital. Moreover, the night of the operation, he also paid the doctor and nurses hush money. The doctor's was 20 million, nurses were 10 million," said the female nurse.

She then pulled her phone out, logged into her online banking, and showed her wire transfer history for Qiao Anhao to see. "This is the first time in my life doing such a thing. At first, I wanted to take this money and hold my tongue, but recently, I've been frequently having nightmares. I've been feeling really guilty for being an accomplice that night, helping to abort your child whilst you were oblivious to what was happening."

Qiao Anhao stared at the name of Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant on the phone screen. The anger beneath her eyes transformed into astonishment.

"The only reason why I didn't dare lease any messages with the express mail, it was because I didn't dare. I knew that you would definitely come to the hospital after you received the express mail, so I waited early at the hospital doors.

"If you don't believe me, you can go to another hospital for a check up. It hasn't been a month since you had the operation. Your uterus hasn't fully recovered. If you just take a B-scan, you'll find out the truth.

"Also, today you're due in for a follow up at our hospital, but Mr. Lu is probably afraid that you'll find something out. He might've not taken you here for a follow up, so you can conveniently change hospitals to get another check up. It's your body after all. You can take this chance to check for yourself, whether what I said was or wasn't true

"I've told you everything that I should of, so I can now have my own peace of mind. Finally, I'd like to say that I'm so sorry."

Qiao Anhao stared ahead, in front of the car window, without any reaction. The nurse let out a gentle sigh of relief, then pushed the car door and got out, leaving.

When the nurse took a turn at the corner ahead, she walked for quite a distance more before she pulled a phone from her pocket. It was already in a call mode when she lifted it to her ear. She opened her mouth and said, "Mrs. Xu, I have done what you have asked for. You heard everything I just said, now it's your turn to follow up on your word."

About half a minute later, Han Ruchu's usual calm and composed voice came from the phone. "Send me your account number. A hundred million. I'll wire it to your account without a cent short, but you must also remember what you promised me. Quit immediately and leave Beijing."

The called was dropped, and the corner of Han Ruchu's lips curved into a mocking smile.

Now that her son is awake, Lu Jinnian's several months long dream would come to an end. Unless her son didn't want Qiao Anhao, then Lu Jinnian can quit even thinking of stealing her from her son's hands!