Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 385

Chapter 385: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (15)

The taxi stopped in front of the City Hospital’s entrance. Lu Jinnian paid, then carried Qiao Anhao out and walked in.

Qiao Anhao looked at the City Hospital she had visited just five hours ago. Her mind was full of the nurse's words that she would come come back for a follow up. For no reason, an unspeakable sense of fear came over her heart.

Previously, when Qiao Anhao had accidents on set, Lu Jinnian would also take her to the hospital for full body checks. This time, it was the same as usual. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary on Lu Jinnian's face.

There were less people in the hospital than earlier that afternoon. Lu Jinnian put her down on the chair, as he went over on his own to get a ticket number. When he went to register, Qiao Anhao saw him raise his phone and make a call. The hospital was quite noisy, and she couldn't see the words his mouth made, nor did she know who he was on the phone with. Perhaps, she was being a little sensitive, but that phone call made her feel an unspeakably uncomfortable.

Qiao Anhao wasn't actually hurt. She sat there on the chair and thought for a while, before she got up and walked over to Lu Jinnian. As she was about to reach his side, he saw her, and his lips moved with no expression on his face. He hung up the call, then stared at her with furrowed brows. "Why did you come over? Are you in pain somewhere?"

She shook her head and smiled at him. "I'm absolutely fine. I was just a little shaken up back there. How about you? Are you hurt?"

Lu Jinnian's expression relaxed a little, and he said, "I'm fine."

Qiao Anhao blinked, and said in a gentle voice, "As we're both fine, how about I not get the check up. I don't even have a single"

When Qiao Anhao said this, she stared straight at Lu Jinnian. He was still as water, unchanging. You couldn't tell his motive at all. With a calm tone, he said without much reaction at all, "Still, let's get a quick check, just in case."

Qiao Anhao gave him a slight smile, and didn't argue with him, "All right."

After registering, Lu Jinnian took Qiao Anhao directly upstairs, like he did before when she got into an accident on set. As before, she had a full body check up. There wasn't anything special about the entire process, so she gradually relaxed and thought that perhaps the nurse's words had really gotten to her.

Qiao Anhao had done many check ups, all of which finished in the evening.

Who knew when, but Lu Jinnian had went out to buy here a bottle of yogurt. Seeing her come out of the examination room, he put the straw into the drink and handed it to her. They waited for the nurse to call out their name. Lu Jinnian let Qiao Anhao wait there, as he went to go collect the check up results.

He was gone for quite some time. When Qiao Anhao finished her yogurt, he still hadn't come back, and so she went went to throw the empty bottle in the bin on the side. Then she went to find him.

Through the gla.s.s door, Qiao Anhao saw Lu Jinnian give the doctor, who she'd just finished the check up with, a nod. He folded the paper in his hands and put into his wallet, then took out some papers from his pocket. He pulled the gla.s.s door open and walked out.

Lu Jinnian saw Qiao Anhao and handed her some papers, as he said, "The check up results came out normal."