Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 389

Chapter 389: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (19)

It was because he aborted her child. He felt sorry for her, like he owed her, and so was that why he treated her so nice?

The funny thing was, in these past few days, she had stupidly felt happy and loved by how he had treated her...

So much so that she even re-imagined that he had feelings for her. She was hopeful for their future together... But now, she finally knew that for the beauty of it all, a life was exchanged!

Qiao Anhao's tears blurred her vision. She raised her hands to lightly wipe them away, and hurriedly turned around. With her back facing Lu Jinnian, her tears continued to cascade.

No matter how much she wanted to ask him what actually happened, in the end, she didn't have the courage to wake him up and ask.

Even if the truth was laid out unavoidably in front of her, she still wasn't willing to face it. Or, perhaps, she was unwilling to accept it.

Qiao Anhao didn't sleep all night. The next day, when it was light out, she climbed out of bed. Lu Jinnian was still fast asleep. She didn't wake him but stared at this sleeping face for a while, before quietly going into the bathroom. She cleaned herself up and got changed into a simple yet light yellow dress. She carried her bag and walked out of the bedroom.

Madam Chen wasn't awake yet. The enormous living room was particularly quiet. The wall lamps were on, emitting a faint yellow light. Against the gradually increasing light from outside the window, they were a little dim.

Qiao Anhao grabbed her phone and called for a ride. Then she put on her shoes and walked out.

The morning air was extremely crisp. The flowers in the courtyard had bloomed quite a lot overnight. There was a single rose tilted and crushed by a wooden stick. Qiao Anhao walked over, picked up the stick, and supported the flower upright. Then she walked out of the courtyard. The taxi she had called was already waiting at the door. She got into the car, and told the driver to go to the People's Hospital.

Before the morning rush hour, the streets of Beijing were empty and quiet. The neon lights from the stores on both sides of the street were out, and after a certain distance, she saw cleaners in orange clothing.

The car stopped at the entrance of the People's Hospital. Qiao Anhao paid the driver, and got out of the car. She walked straight into the department of gynecology and obstetrics. She got a number and waited in line for about half an hour before she saw a doctor. She immediately requested for a B-scan, and then she waited for another half an hour until she could enter the operation room.

After the check up, Qiao Anhao fixed her clothes and sat on a chair in the hall, as she waited for her results. That's when her phone rang. 

Qiao Anhao thought it'd be Madam Chen asking where she was. Because she didn't want them to know that she was at the hospital, she wasn't in a rush to pick it up. Instead, she walked to a quiet restroom at the end of the hospital before pulling out her phone. In the end, the name of the phone screen turned out to be Aunt Xu.

Qiao Anhao let out a deep breath, tapped to take the call, brought the phone to her ear, and said in polite and soft voice, "Aunt Xu."

"Qiao Qiao, you're awake?" Han Ruchu's voice was extremely energetic. She paused for a moment, and asked, "Have you been busy recently?"

"It's been all right..." Qiao Anhao paused for a moment, and asked, "How is Brother Jiamu recently?"

"Jiamu is great. He can now get out of bed and walk, and his speaking is more coherent. It won't be long before he can come home to rest." When she mentioned her son's recovery, Han Ruchu sounded incredibly happy.