Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (11)

The next day, Qiao Anhao woke up early in the morning. She looked out and found the weather in a horrible condition. The skies were cloudy and the entire city seemed to be covered with a thin layer of fog.

Zhao Meng had already packed all her items and the hotel staff was already bringing them to their car. Before leavig Qiao Anhao specifically went to the set to bid farewell to the director, Cheng Yang, Song Xiangsi, and the other crew members who still had one last scene. 

Regardless of how they entered the set, or how they had quarreled regarding their screen time, when it was time to leave, all of it no longer mattered. Everyone had slogged hard for this movie for about three months. It was a set that was filled with happiness, sorrows, tears, and everyone’s hard work. 

Qiao Anhao wasn't a dramatic person, but when she bid farewell to everyone, she started to feel tears welling in her eyes. 

She didn't go back to Mian Xiu Garden but instead got Zhao Meng to send her to the hospital that Xu Jiamu was at. As for her luggage, she tasked Zhao Meng to send it to her house, planning to claim it afterwards. 

After Zhao Meng's car left, Qiao Anhao entered the hospital. Xu Wanli wasn't around but Han Ruchu and her housekeeper were in the ward, helping the nurse pack, while Xu Jiamu was taking some tests. 

Qiao Anhao walked forward to help Han Ruchu pack Xu Jiamu's clothes. She scanned the room to ensure that they didn't leave anything behind before getting to the housekeeper to place the items in the car. After about ten minutes, the doctor came out to inform them of the next checkup, and hey entered the car. 

The car headed straight to Xu family's house. Even though Xu Jiamu was already able to walk, his body was still weak from being in a coma for such an extended period of time. That’s why when they returned, Han Ruchu got the maids to support him into his room to rest the moment they reached the house. 

Before Han Ruchu had gone to fetch Xu Jiamu, she had gotten the maid to make him some herbal porridge. Once he was settled in, the housekeeper instructed the maids to bring the porridge up.

In a enthusiastic and coaxing tone, she said, " Young master, you have been busy the entire day. Mrs. Xu got the maid to prepare some herbal porridge for you, you should have some."

Han Ruchu sat at the bedside. She faced the bed with a warm smile on her face. "Son, let mum feed you some." 

As she said that, she reached her hand towards the housekeeper. The housekeeper immediately pa.s.sed the porridge over, but before Han Ruchu could take it, Qiao Anhao had already grabbed it. She turned and said, "Let me do it instead."

Han Ruchu paused, but she didn't object, standing next to the housekeeper. "Let Qiao Qiao do it." 

The housekeeper politely pa.s.sed the porcelain bowl over. Qiao Anhao took it with two hands before sitting in front of Xu Jiamu. She scooped a spoonful and blew on it softly before sending it to his mouth. 

Xu Jiamu opened his mouth. He looked at the people surrounding him and frowned, then waved his hand. "Mum, can you all get out, its getting suffocating." 

Qiao Anhao scooped another spoonful and blew on it with a smile on her face. She turned and said, "Auntie Xu, you guys can entrust him to me."