Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 403

Chapter 403: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (13)
Chapter 403: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (13)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

A loud, thundering sound emitted from the office. Lu Jinnians assistant stood at the side, not daring to make a single sound.

Lu Jinnian's chest puffed up and down. He rose from his desk and pulled open the closet to look for his cigarette box. He removed a stick before tossing the entire box into the trash bin abruptly. Taking large strides to the window, he turned his back to his assistant, staring outside silently

After a seemingly long while, he seemed to have calmed down and turned to face his assistant. He asked, "Have you found out about the Xu Enterprise board situation? How is it going?"

"I'm almost done with it."

Lu Jinnian nodded

His assistant continued, "Mr. Lu, have you really decided to do that?"

Lu Jinnian was silent, staring out the window.

After a long minute, he murmured a muffled "Yea", his voice faint and emotionless. "Just do as I planned."

The assistant did not try to convince Lu Jinnian otherwise. "All right, I'll go prepare it."

Lu Jinnian remained silent. The assistant took the document, wanting to leave silently, but after taking two steps, he hesitated. With an uneasy heart, he asked, "Mr. Lu, are you prepared to leave Miss Qiao just like this?"

Lu Jinnian stayed silent, sorrow starting to envelop him

His assistant raised his hand to rub his own nose. "Your relationship with Miss Qiao has been much better. Even if she had once liked Mr. Xu, that does not mean that she cannot fall for you. If she changed and is no longer willing to be with Mr. Xu anymore, will it not be a pity if you just let her go so easily? "

Even after such convincing, Lu Jinnian stood nonchalant. His assistant lifted his hand to rub the nose once more before awkwardly finishing, "Er... Mr. Lu, you can just forget what I just said. If there isn't anything more, I'll go now."

Lu Jinnian was paralyzed. Once the footsteps of his assistant faded into the distance, he turned back to look at the cloudy skies, the words of his assistant repeating in his mind conterminously.


Qiao Anhao placed the empty bowl on the side of the table and helped Xu Jiamu wipe his mouth with a wet towel. She raised her lids and looked toward him, asking, "What exactly happened on the day of your accident? You didn't even drink, how could the collision be so serious?

Anger flashed past his eyes, before he laughed lightly, brushing her off. "I did not react in time, causing the accident. But I'm fine right now, am I not?"

"Luckily you're fine," she chastised . Then her face turned serious, and in a solemn tone, she asked, "Brother Xu, have you always known about our marriage agreement?"

Xu Jiamu was silent.

After a moment of silence, she spoke again. "I'm sorry, but I cannot marry you."