Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (17)

Qiao Anhao lowered her head to look as Lu Jinnian treated her wound with seriousness. She looked away, for her eyes started to sting, tears threatening to form. 

Only after he covered her wound with a plaster did he stand up. Qiao Anhao hurriedly took in a couple deep breaths, suppressing her unstable emotions, turning to face Lu Jinnian with a smile. "Lets eat, it's going to get cold." 

"Yea," Lu Jinnian agreed lightly. He raised his hand to ruffle her hair, tossing the cotton wool he had used into the bin before retrieving a wet tissue to clean his hands. Returning back to his seat, he took up the chopsticks.

Before he could take anything, Qiao Anhao beat him to it, picking a water spinach and placing it into his bowl. Lu Jinnian was startled. When he raised his head to look at her, she met his gaze with a bright smile on her face, cheekily teasing him, "It's the first time I cooked. I don't even have the courage to try it, as the guinea pig, you should try some." 

Lu Jinnian's lips curled into an indulgent smile. Without another word, he placed the spinach into his mouth. 

"How is it?" Qiao Anhao asked, antic.i.p.ation visible in her eyes. 

Lu Jinnian swallowed the vegetable before replying seriously, "Not bad." 

"Really?" Qiao Anhao picked up a piece suspiciously, placing it into her mouth. After chewing twice, her face scrunched up into a wrinkled frown. Using all her will power to stop herself from spitting it out, she swallowed the vegetable, then chucked down a gla.s.s of water. "SALTY!" 

Lu Jinnian smiled silently. He didn't coax her like how other men did, he didn't try to praise her with sugarcoated words. Instead, he continued to eat the dishes she had made silently. 

Qiao Anhao's first meal was not fantastic. It was edible at most, but Lu Jinnian continued to eat it as though it was the finest meal in the world.

Qiao Anhao couldn't help feeling moved by his silent actions. 

He was indeed good to her, but this wasn't love... was it? 

When Lu Jinnian was half full, he realized that Qiao Anhao hadn't touched her chopsticks; she had been staring at him the entire time. His chewing gradually stopped. Without saying a word, he returned her gaze, seeing his reflection in her eyes. This was the first time in his life that he had found himself stunning. 

The dinning area was silent, the suns.h.i.+ne from outside spilling in. In that instance, Lu Jinnian suddenly remembered what his a.s.sistant had told him the day before, "Even if she had once loved Mr. Xu, that doesn't mean that she can't fall for you now. It's clear that she genuinely cares for your well being..." 

Lu Jinnian's heart started to turn. When he had come back the previous day, he had been debating whether or not to ask her about her feelings. 

His hesitation was because he was afraid that if he didn’t hear what he wanted to, they couldn't even be friends. 

Lu Jinnian had struggled for a long time until he finally decided. "Qiao Qiao..." 

The exact moment he spoke, she spoke as well. "Lu Jinnian..."