Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Silent Companionship (4)

After half an hour pa.s.sed, the a.s.sistant kicked Lu Jinnian again. The man still stared unwavering at the contract without any reaction at all, treating everything around him like air.

The two partners before him had clearly grown restless.

Seeing as Lu Jinnian hadn't said a word, the a.s.sistant coughed heavily. In the end, all he could do was smile at the two partners. "I'm so sorry. How about this... We'll take this proposal back with us to have a good look. When we reach a decision, I'll contact you both. What do you think?"

The two of them looked at each other, and one of them nodded their head, saying "All right."

The a.s.sistant then hurriedly got up, politely seeing both of the partners out. When he came back, Lu Jinnian eyes had already pulled away from the proposal and he looked out the window with an intense expression.

In the past half a month, this was the fifth time he met partners to discuss a possible cooperation. In the end, after they met, Mr. Lu would keep his silence. No matter what the other person said, or how someone prompted him, he didn't react at all.

To be more exact, ever since Qiao Anhao and Mr. Lu had broken all ties, Mr. Lu had become silent. Before, Mr. Lu didn't speak much either, but now it was so to a frightening degree. Often during business meetings, he wouldn't utter a word throughout. When he did speak, it would be two simple words, "Let's begin", or "Meeting adjourned".

Mr. Lu had always been antisocial, but now, he was even more antisocial than before. Sometimes, he would attend mandatory events, but whenever he went, he would always find a quiet corner alone.

Qiao Anhao's split with him seemed like it had little effect on him. His temper was normal, emotions were normal, but, he was very clearly even more distant and difficult to get close to.

Quite a few people at the company also noticed him acting strange. Some said that Mr. Lu had become even colder, others said that Mr. Lu was even more condescending, but only he knew that he'd lost someone who he could talk to, so he didn't want to talk at all.

The a.s.sistant shook his head, walked forward, and looked at the same page and words in the proposal that had left Lu Jinnian in a trance. In the end, his eyes landed on the word "Hao". If that was the case... It was something that appeared often, a most ordinary word, and yet, because the word was in that woman's name, every time he saw it, he would end up like that...

The a.s.sistant gently sighed in relief, put the proposal away, and then said in low voice, "Mr. Lu, it's getting late, shall we leave?"

Lu Jinnian stayed quiet for some time, but in the end, he nodded without a word. He then stood up, and the a.s.sistant hurriedly called the service staff for the bill. He followed Lu Jinnian out.

After he got in the car, Lu Jinnian still didn't say a word. He sat there in the back on his own and pulled out his phone. Who knew what he saw, but he stared dazed for a long time. He abruptly raised his head and said in a cold, flat voice, "To Mian Xiu Garden."

After Qiao Anhao moved out of Mian Xiu Garden, Lu Jinnian had never went back to there Madam Chen was originally hired for Qiao Anhao. Now, she had already been given a big sum of money to leave.

The a.s.sistant was in a daze for a moment. He didn't say a word, but followed Lu Jinnian's orders and changed the route in the navigation.