Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Silent Companionship (11)

The hot tea splashed onto Lu Jinnian’s body, leaving pale yellow stains.

Lu Jinnian retreated back into the bedroom in a fl.u.s.ter. His steps were a little erratic as he walked over to the washroom, turned on the tap, and wildly splashed water onto his face.

That night, he clearly didn't drink a lot, but in that very moment, his stomach was churning like the sea. It was extraordinarily painful. At that moment, he couldn't take it any longer and suddenly rushed over to the bathroom. He knelt down and started vomiting.

Lu Jinnian vomited for a long time. He vomited until his stomach was hollowed out, but his insides were still burning in pain.

They'd clearly ended it half a month ago, but he was still a bit slow. He still thought that she would come back to his mansion every day, and would sleep with him in his bed. Now that he thought of her actually living with Xu Jiamu in his mansion, and that there was the possibility of something actually happening between them, like what happened with himself, he couldn’t accept that...

The more Lu Jinnian thought about it, the more he panicked. In the end, he climbed off from the wooden floor. Despite the dirty tea stains on his clothes, he went straight up to Xu Jiamu's door, raised a hand, and pressed the doorbell.

His movements were brash as he pressed several times.

After the lights in the mansion lit up, Xu Jiamu's voice reached him. "Who is it?"

Then the doors were open.

Xu Jiamu was already in pajamas. He was probably lying when someone had suddenly woken him up. His expression wasn't good, but as soon as he saw Lu Jinnian outside the door, his mood immediately became better and he cried out, "Bro?"

Then Xu Jiamu saw Lu Jinnian's dirty clothes and furrowed his brows. "Bro, what happened to your clothes?"

Lu Jinnian shook his head. "It's nothing, I accidentally spilled some tea."

"Oh." Xu Jiamu yawned. "Bro, did you come find me for something?"

With Xu Jiamu’s question, Lu Jinnian only then realized that he'd been a little impulsive earlier. He was dazed out for a second, when he randomly made up an excuse. "A few days ago, I took a few photos at a charity event, do you want go pick two out?"

Xu Jiamu covered his mouth and yawned again. Then he mumbled, "Another day. It's late, and I'm a little sleepy. And, Bro, you have to look after yourself. Don't always sleep so late."

Lu Jinnian oddly twitched the corner of his lips. "So... You should go get some rest."

"Mm," Xu Jiamu responded. He then said to Lu Jinnian, "Goodnight".

"Goodnight," Lu Jinnian replied as he turned to leave. Half-way through the courtyard, the lights in the house behind him switched off. Lu Jinnian's footsteps paused for a moment, and the urge to pry the door open and take Qiao Anhao away came over him.

If he had just the tiniest right, as he was now, then he would definitely take her... But he had no right to do so. Xu Jiamu was Qiao Anhao's fiance, and him? To her, he was nothing.

Lu Jinnian formed fists, shut his eyes, and his tensed body paused for a moment. In the end, he turned away and walked out of Xu Jiamu's courtyard with heavy footsteps.

He didn't go back to his own mansion but went back to the 24-hour convenience store at the gates of the neighborhood. He bought a few boxes of cigarettes, stood under the lamppost outside Xu Jiamu's mansion, and smoked all night.

That night, it was the longest and most grueling night of his life.