Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Silent Companionship (12)
Chapter 424: Silent Companionship (12)

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That night, it was the longest and most grueling night of Lu Jinnians life.

Nobody knew what kind of frame of mind he used to survive every second of every minute of that night.

Nor did anyone know, just how many glances he took at Xu Jiamu's mansion.

Furthermore, no one knew how many times the rim of his eyes had turned red.

That night, his heart was restless, it was bone-piercingly painful, hopelessly depressed... He'd sampled all sorts of emotions in one go.

If he could, he never wanted to relive the emotions hed lived through that night.

It was only when the first ray of sunshine reached the horizon that he felt the exhaustion of that night. His footsteps staggered him back to his own mansion. Behind him, he left a ground full of cigarette butts.


Even though Xu Jiamu was well and healthy, he hadn't completely recovered. It was easy for him to grow tired. That night, he had cooked a table full of food, and then chatted with his friends for a long time. In the end, he was sufficiently tired out. On top of it all, he had left the Xu family estate in a hurry, so he didn't bring his car keys and slept on the sofa of Mian Xiu Garden. He woke up at eight in the morning the next day, called a private car, and left straight away.

Qiao Anhao, who had finished shooting the commercial, was completely free. In the following week, she was staying in Mian Xiu garden, sleeping and watching movies.

Xu Jiamus and Lu Jinnian's mansions were divided by just a fence. In the courtyard of one mansion, you could clearly see the what was going on in the other.

Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian never bumped into each other again for a week after that day at Xu Jiamu's mansion when theyd seen each other for the first time after their split.

Occasionally, when Qiao Anhao would lay on the balcony reading, she would pay attention to the mansion next door. Every time she looked over, the big doors were shut tight. The courtyard had a floor full of tree leaves and flower petals, but no one tended to them.

She bumped into Lu Jinnian again on the first day of the next week.

Qiao Anhao was a signed artist under Huan Ying Entertainment. Usually, she didn't really need to go into the office, but when Monday came around, she had to go in.

She slept very late the day before, so the next day when she woke up, it was already afternoon. Zhao Meng was busy that day, so she couldn't pick her up, but she also had her car, and so Qiao Anhao had to call for a private one. She found a place to eat, and then went to Huan Ying Entertainment.

Qiao Anhao stayed alone in the office, bored, so she pulled out her phone and played a game. Half-way through it, she received a message on WeChat.

She exited the game, clicked on WeChat, and saw that the notifications had come from the group chat.

That WeChat group didn't have many people in it; just the few regular people who liked to get together. About half an hour ago, Qiao Anxia had sent a message about treating everyone tonight to karaoke at the Royal Palace.

Qiao Anhao immediately ignored the WeChat group. At first, she hadnt seen the message and didn't respond, but now she saw it after Qiao Anxia just @'d her. She replied with, [I don't have a car today. It's not convenient for me to go.]

Then Qiao Anxia @'d Xu Jiamu. Xu Jiamu immediately asked, [Qiao Qiao, where are you?]

[At the office.]

After a while had passed, Xu Jiamu then said in the group, [Quickly get off work. I'll come pick you up.]

Qiao Anhao didn't reply. She clicked back into her game and continued to play.


Xu Jiamu stopped downstairs of Huan Ying Entertainment before he called Qiao Anhao to tell her that he had reached the office.