Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Silent Companionship (14)

Xu Jiamu acted as though she were a complete stranger.

Song Xiangsi's hand suddenly tightened, as she stared at Xu Jiamu's car for just a second. Then, as though nothing had happened, she continued to arrogantly trod on in her heels towards her own car that was parked to one side.

As she walked, she continued to scold her manager, "Tonight, I have to go to the Royal Palace to entertain. It's not like you didn't know that each and and every one of those capitalist are like dogs. Every single one of them are bad from their very bones!"

With these words, she had already opened the driver's door and sat inside.

The manager hurriedly said, "Sis Xiangsi, let me drive..."

Song Xiangsi didn't even wait for her manager to finish speaking when shot back, "What are you two stupidly standing there for? Are you going or not?"

As she said this, Song Xiangsi stepped on the accelerator, scaring the manager and a.s.sistant into quickly pulling the car door’s open. They crawled in, but before the a.s.sistant could close the car door, Song Xiangsi stepped on the accelerator. The door brushed Xu Jiamu's car, caused it to suddenly jump.

In the driver's seat, Xu Jiamu looked as though he was staring straight ahead, but from the corner of his eyes, he was looking Song Xiangsi up and down through the rear view mirror. In that split second when her car brushed his, a burning rage hastily erupted in his eyes, and he abruptly tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

When Qiao Anhao got Xu Jiamu's call, she was in the restroom. Once she had gathered her things into her bag, left the restroom, and come downstairs, about ten minutes had pa.s.sed.

The moment she came out of the Huan Ying Entertainment office’s block, she saw Xu Jiamu's car and waltzed over. She pulled open the pa.s.senger door, sat inside, and called, "Brother Jiamu?"

Without any reaction, Xu Jiamu stared in the direction of Song Xiangsi's car that had driven away a long while ago.

Qiao Anhao lifted her hand up and waved it in front of Xu Jiamu, whilst half-jokingly saying, "Brother Jiamu, you can't be mad at me for making you wait ten minutes, right?"

Xu Jiamu's pupils s.h.i.+fted for a bit, before he pulled himself back and gently chuckled, as though he’d heard a funny joke. "What the h.e.l.l are you saying? What's there for me to be angry about?"

"You're really not mad?" Qiao Anhao looked like she didn't believe a word of it. She tilted her head and smiled at Xu Jiamu. "But your expression just now didn't look too happy. Did something happen?"

Xu Jiamu didn't say a word, but started the car up and steadily drove off.

The atmosphere in the car was extremely tense. While driving, the a.s.sistant glanced over to check on Lu Jinnian in the rear view mirror, twice.

The man didn't say a word as he gazed out the window at the surging traffic. He wasn't angry nor sad, but after working as Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant for so many years, he could still feel the gloomy mood.

When the car was almost at the Bejing hotel, Lu Jinnian, who hadn't really moved since he got in the car, finally moved. He diverted his attention from outside the window to his a.s.sistant at the wheel, then said, "After dinner, didn't they say they were going to find a place to play cards?"

Lu Jinnian only asked a single question, but his a.s.sistant instantly understood everything. He intuitively answered, "Yes, Mr. Lu. Where do you guys want to go to play cards at night? The Capital Club, or the Royal Palace?"