Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Silent Companionship (16)
Chapter 428: Silent Companionship (16)

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Of all people, Song Xiangsis calm voice was coincidentally heard from the television. "Let's break up..."

Suddenly, Xu Jiamu tightly grasped his beer bottle, bending its top until it exploded and splashed all over his hands. Completely unaware, he stared at the television screen with riveting emotions, then raised the remains and downed them. He casually put what was left of the bottle on the coffee table, got up, and then walked out of the room.

When Xu Jiamu came out of the restroom, the door to room 1005 opened, and Song Xiangsi, who wore a skin-tight mini-dress, stepped out. The two of them exchanged looks for no more than one second, before they looked away as though they hadn't seen each other at all. The two of them looked straight ahead of them, brushing past the other with arrogance and calmness.

Xu Jiamu heard the "Ta ta ta" of heels behind him fade away. His footsteps suddenly stopped, and he stood on the spot for a while. He pulled out his phone, made a call, and waited a while. The door of room 1005 behind him opened. A man in an ashy silver suit popped out, "Young master Xu, over here."

Xu Jiamu followed the guy in the ashy silver suit into room 1005 with no emotions on his face.

The private room was filled with debauchery and corruption. There sat quite a few men and women. Two women were in a maid outfits and were sitting around a middle-aged man with a large stomach, who was singing. That middle-aged man was clearly off-tune, but he sang into the microphone with an expression as though he was deeply engrossed in the song.

"You are my little apple, I can't love you enough..."

Ever since Xu Jiamu was little, he mingled in Beijings business circles. Han Ruchu started to take him to various types of events from a young age, for him to better get to know more people. Though when he grew up it all became a little fake, Xu Jiamu knew how to conduct himself.

He wouldn't say that he knew the hundred percent of the rich people in Beijing, but at least ninety for sure There was a total of five men in this private room, and he knew all of them. Two of the five were self-proclaimed actors. After being unconscious for eight months, Xu Jiamu didn't recognize them.

On seeing him enter, the man who was singing stopped and put down his microphone to greet the manager of the Royal Palace.

Even though Xu Jiamu hadn't been here for several months, the manager didn't dare to neglect him in the slightest, politely lining up all the pretty girls in the shop in front for him to choose.

Xu Jiamu laid down nonchalantly on the sofa, glancing a few times over several girls. Yet, in the end, he had no intention of saying a word, as though he was waiting for something.

The manager stood to one side with a smile but didn't dare press him.

The man sitting next to Xu Jiamu, who was hugging a cute woman, moved closer to his side and pointed twice. He gave his opinion. "This one, and this one, aren't bad..."

"Oh really?" asked Xu Jiamu nonchalantly.

Before his voice dropped, the door opened. It was Song Xiangsi, who had just came back from the restroom after finding an excuse to avoid drinking. The moment she pushed the door open, she gritted her teeth tightly, and complained deep down inside on how she wouldn't be here to entertain at all if it didnt pay so well.

Then she suddenly saw Xu Jiamu sitting in the center of the sofa. A flash of hostility flashed across her eyes, and before she could speak, Xu Jiamu suddenly raised his hand, waved it around, and landed it on her, "Then this one."