Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Silent Companionship (19)
Chapter 431: Silent Companionship (19)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anhao called Xu Jiamu several times but was still not able to reach him, so she gave up, sending him a text before leaving. She stood at the side of the road, waiting for a cab to arrive.

She stood in the heart of the city where the rich would frequent, the people here had their own cars and would rarely grab cabs, hence there were barely any cabs in the area.

Lu Jinnian rushed to the main hall while putting on his jacket. He scanned the area trying to find Qiao Anhao but she was nowhere in sight. He ran out and continued to scan the surroundings.

The security guard seemed to have recognized Lu Jinnian, for he walked forward and greeted him politely, "Mr. Lu."

Lu Jinnian ignored his greeting, continuing to look around. He ran towards the road, panting slightly. He took several deep breaths before turning to look at the main entrance. Around two hundred meters from the entrance, under a street lamp, stood Qiao Anhao.

She wore a light blue dress with a floral pattern. Lu Jinnians gaze turned gentle as he continued to look at her in a daze. Taking several steps forward, he gradually increased his pace to reach her.

Just when he was about a hundred meters from her, a cab suddenly stopped beside her. She seemed to have met a savior, quickly entering the cab without hesitation, and just like that, she disappeared into the night.

Lu Jinnian froze,his gaze locked on the direction shed left.

The tiny glimpse of hope he had when his assistant had told him that she may need a ride back vanished in an instance.

The cold night wind blew past. He stood there, listening as cars sped past. After a long while, he turned back with heavy steps. Before he could enter Royal Palace, he paused once again, hesitating slightly, he turned towards the car park at the side.

He started his car, driving straight back to Mian Xiu Garden after circling the area.

He took the expressway, and sped to Mian Xiu Garden reaching it in a short while. As he drove past Xu Jiamu's house, Qiao Anhao had just reached it. She bent to pick up her bag and was preparing to pay the cab.

Lu Jinnian slammed into the brakes instinctively.

After paying the cab driver, she turned and entered the front yard, shortly after, the mansion lit up.

Lu Jinnian waited for the cab she had taken to leave before he drove forward, stopping in-between his and Xu Jiamu's mansions.


After spending such a long time outside, Qiao Anhao was getting hungry. She hurriedly defrosted some dumplings before throwing them in the pot and chopsticks into the basin.

After taking a light shower, she laid back down on her bed. She scrolled through her weibo, and only at 1 am did she off the lights.