Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Silent Companionship (20)
Chapter 432: Silent Companionship (20)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anhao shut her eyes and prepared to sleep, but soon, she started to feel slightly uncomfortable. She continued to lie for a short while more before ripping the blankets off abruptly, rushing to the bathroom. She removed her clothes, realizing that there was a red spot on her panties.

Her period was here... As she walked over to get some sanitary pads, she remembered that she had just moved into Xu Jiamu's mansion and hadn't had time to prepare her daily necessities.

But she couldn't just sleep like that... She sat on the toilet, pondering it with a deep frown etched on her face. She yanked a bunch of toilet papers, placing them on her panties before standing up. She simply rinsed her hands and exited the bathroom. Grabbing her wallet, she walked downstairs.


Why was she out so late into the night?

Lu Jinnian frowned. Without even offing the car engine, he pushed open the door and shouted her name as he ran towards Xu Jiamu's mansion, "Qiao Qiao."

Even though he wasn't loud, the night was silent enough, and Qiao Anhao froze slightly before turning to look at him.

He was dressed in a suit that complimented his tall physique. The warm glow from the street lamp spilled across his face, blurring his handsome features.

He casually walked forward, stopping about a meter from her. He slightly lowered his head, noticing that she wore slippers. "Why are you out so late?"

Qiao Anhao was jolted back to her senses. She lifted her head slightly to look at him. "I need to buy stuff."

It was currently 1 am, and the only twenty-four hour convenience store was about five hundred meters away from Mian Xiu Garden's entrance. It would take about twenty minutes for her to go and come back.

Qiao Anhao had rushed out in a hurry, she was still dressed in her pajamas with just a jacket over.

Even though the security in Jing Cheng was good, it still wasn't safe to go out so late at night... Besides, what could she need so urgently?

Lu Jinnian frowned before saying faintly, "It's late now, get it tomorrow."

"I need it urgently." She hesitated before adding, "It isn't far, I'll be back shortly."

Lu Jinnian didn't try to stop her, he told her to wait before turning back.

He opened his car door and offed the engine before grabbing his wallet from the passenger seat. He hurriedly walked back to where Qiao Anhao was waiting. "Lets go."

Qiao Anhao snapped out of her daze, realizing instantly that he was going to come along with her. Instinctively, she said, "It's okay..."

Without even waiting for her to finish her sentence, he started to walk forward.