Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 436

Chapter 436: Silent Companionship(24)

Lu Jinnian spoke calmly. "The variety show that I a.s.signed to you previously will be recorded on the ninth of this month, remember to prepare for it beforehand." 

It was about business matters... "I understand." 

Lu Jinnian sunk into silence at his end. 

Qiao Anhao held onto the phone, waiting, before speaking once more, "Erm, is there anything more? If not, I'll hang up now." 

After about a minute, Lu Jinnian said softly, "Yea." When she was about to hang up after saying goodbye, he suddenly spoke again. "Qiao Qiao..." 

Qiao Anhao paused, silently waiting for Lu Jinnian to continue. 

After a moment of silence, he spoke once again. "Is it inconvenient these few days? The recording might be tiring, do you need me to push the date back?" 

Just like from the bag of things that he had left at the door, she was starting to feel confused. She lowered her lashes and remained silent for a while before replying calmly, "It's okay, there's three more days, by then, I'll be fine." 

"If… you don't feel well on the day of the recording, remember to let the crew know." 

"Yea, I understand, thank you." 

Lu Jinnian didn’t intend to s.n.a.t.c.h Qiao Anhao from Xu Jiamu. He also didn’t expect for her to fall for him, but he didn't want them to sink into becoming strangers as they had five years ago. Those were the worst years of his life... 

He was always finding ways to get close to her, finding ways to talk to her, but he wasn't able to find any. 

Informing her about the variety show could be done by any small member of the staff in the company, but he yearned to speak to her and was willing to do such a minute take. 

But Qiao Anhao was just a newbie who didn't have much on her schedule, in order to find ways to speak to her, he had to abuse his position to give her more work just so that he could talk to her to tell her about it. 

Even though it was just half a month, Lu Jinnian had accepted three dramas, seven advertis.e.m.e.nts, and other random activities for her... 

Even though his actions had caused the board members of Huan Ying Entertainment to be unhappy, he chose to ignore them and did as he pleased. 

Just when the board members were the tensest, Lu Jinnian, who was still in the midst of filming "Alluring Times", a.s.signed a historical drama for Qiao Anhao. She had never acted in this genre before, and to make matters worst, Lu Jinnian, who was the producer, had also invested in the drama.

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant started predicting that in a month the actresses in Huan Ying Entertainment would probably start to rebel. 

The historical drama "Heaven's Sword" that Qiao Anhao was a.s.signed to was a big production, just like "Alluring Times". 

It was the first time she had the female lead role, so she was nervous, but luckily, the male lead was Cheng Yang who she was rather familiar with. 

Song Xiangsi was also part of the drama, but her screen time was short, it was more of a guest role.