Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Silent Companionship(25)

"Heaven's Sword" was filmed in Hengdian. 

On the first day, Xu Jiamu randomly insisted on sending Qiao Anhao over for work. 

He booked business cla.s.s tickets, the two of them sitting in the same row but there was a small pathway between Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu. 

Zhao Meng had prepared a movie on her iPad beforehand, so once the plane took off, she switched it on and pa.s.sed an earpiece over to Qiao Anhao. 

Xu Jiamu took a newspaper from the air stewardess and flipped through it casually until finally resting his gaze on a photo on the top half of the second page.

Song Xiangsi wore a pale colored long silky dress, as she stood on the red carpet with her delicate jaw slightly tilted, a smile on her face. 

Xu Jiamu stared at the photo for a long time before finally shutting the newspaper in frustration. He stuffed it into the magazine slot and turned over to look at Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng. They were both engrossed in their iPad. Turning to look into the screen, Xu Jiamu saw a close up shot of Song Xiangsi.

He took in a long, deep breath, moving back to recline against his seat. He shut his eyes, but all he could remember was the memory of Song Xiangsi slapping him a month ago. 

On hindsight, he had no idea why she had slapped him, but he was thoroughly angered and had return a slap before he could stop himself. 

His return was hard and aggressive, stinging his palm. 

He regretted instantly, and in that swiftly, he started to fret. He knelt down instinctively, apologizing. 

But the moment he laid his eyes on her, he saw that her eyes were dry, without any tears. She had on a calm expression that didn't make sense. It was as though he hadn't slapped her. She stood back up as though nothing had happened and started to make herself presentable. 

It was as though the person that was slapped wasn't her at all... 

Just like the day he had gotten into the car accident... 

That night at 8 pm, he had rushed to the airport to get her after she had finished her work in France. He had brought her for dinner and had even gotten her a present. When they reached the apartment, he impatiently reached under her clothes, and just like every other time, she obediently complied.

But once all their clothes were taken off and he was about to enter her, she suddenly said in a calm voice, "Jiamu, let's break up." 

At that moment, all he could remember was how close they were. He had taken her words for a joke and continued to kiss her face as though she hadn't said anything. 

But she reached out to push him, repeating the sentence once more. "Jiamu, let's break up." 

He looked into her eyes and could see her seriousness. When they were both in university, she had came to him to sell herself so that she could have enough money to settle her father's medical fees. At that time, he had bought her for fifty thousand. They had been together for seven years, but now, she, who had never been in a relations.h.i.+p, suddenly wanted to break up. 

Even till today, he couldn't understand why he would feel so angry. It was as though his pride had been tattered. He had thought for a moment and asked, "Are we even together?"