Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Silent Companionship(26)

Song Xiangsi was much cooler about it than Xu Jiamu. She didn't even get angry, she just pulled onto the blanket so that it covered her. Nodding, she said, "I'm sorry, I seemed to have forgotten that I sold myself for fifty thousand, but since you have used me for seven years, I'm sure I’ve made up for it, so let's end it here Mr. Xu." 

She was always able to shut him up, he thought in frustration. In the end, he decided to be a scoundrel. "Whatever, do you think I care? I've slept with you for seven years, I'm already sick of it." 

He left the bed and put on his clothes before slamming the door shut when he left. 

He had always had a mild temper, but somehow, on that day, he was in a bad temper. Standing near the door, he realized that he had forgotten to take his wallet and wanted to enter the apartment once more, but gave up, posting onto a group chat, [Didn't bring my wallet.] 

He knew that she had always been monitoring his chats, so he waited for a long while, but she still didn't reply. In the end, he could no longer keep it in, sending a text over. When no one replied, he called her, realizing that she had blacklisted him. 

The anger that he had suppressed started to climb back up. He entered the elevator and headed toward his car. 

He remembered that he had sped, fury clouding his mind. He had wanted to numb himself with the high speed. 

When he reached the underground tunnel, he had aggressively steered to the side to avoid a white car that he was heading towards. In that instance, his car crashed right into the tunnel wall. 

Before he had gone unconscious, his entire mind was filled with Song Xiangsi. When had she become so important to him? So important that he could get into a car accident for her... He was still wondering if she would be upset over his death... 

But the truth had shown that she didn't have many emotions in her, how could she be upset? 

He was in a coma for nine whole months but the moment he had woken up, she hadn't sent him anything. He had tried to call her only to realize that he was still blacklisted... 

As he reminisced about the past, he looked back at her. She seemed oblivious of the turmoil in him, and his reasoning snapped. Without even thinking, he dragged her into the bedroom in which they had seven years of memory before pressing her onto the bed... 

He could admit to himself that he had fully intended to torture her that night. He had wanted to vent all of his frustration on her, but even if he had treated her violently, even if she was clearly in pain, she still had a nonchalant smile on her face. 

He didn't feel a tinge better the next day. When he woke up, she was no longer around, that was when he found out that she had gone over to Yun Nan for work...

She didn't bother informing him that she had left, so he naturally didn't bother asking. 

Weren't they just both wasting each other's time? They were just waiting for the other to snap. But in the end, he was still flying over to Hengdian… Because she was going to be around for "Heaven's Sword" opening ceremony. 

After touched down in Hangzhou, they traveled to Hengdian, reaching it at 8 pm.