Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(3)

Xu Jiamu left in a cab while Song Xiangsi looked into the distance, not moving. 

This was the second time she had infuriated him so much. The first time, he had gotten into a car accident. 

She never could understand why he was so angry, wasn't she supposed to be the one that was infuriated ? 

For fifty thousand, she had sold herself for seven years... What a cheap sum, if it wasn't because she loved him, how could she have followed after him without a t.i.tle for so many years. 

Yes, it was without any t.i.tle. 

For the past seven years, she was his mistress. She had never seen any of his friends and they had never acted like a normal couple, never holding hands on the road. 

Initially, she had been fine with the idea and thought that in these seven years, he could fall in love with her, but it never happened. Instead, he had told her that he was going to get married. 

But she wasn't the bride. 

Before, she was just a mistress, but now she was going to become a mistress and a third party?

She could never forget that day when she had finally woken up. It was through a phone call. 

"We're around the same age and its about time I got married... I intend to marry this year... Remember to bring me a present… You're talking about the woman I bought for fifty thousand? We're still in contact... Whatever, I'll just continue on after I marry... You can't expect me to marry her, right? You should know that I need someone of equal social status…" 

Equal social status, those words hit her heart deeply She could never forget the pain. 

In that moment, she realized that a common girl like her would never be a Cinderella and would never be able to marry a prince. 

Even if she had endured seven years, she was still not able to stand beside him in public. 

Seven years of hiding in the dark was enough, she was tired. 

If they couldn't end up together, she would rather end it. 

Once Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng returned to the hotel , the latter pointed to the table, informing her friend, "Mr. Lu's a.s.sistant sent it over, he said that you didn't have much during dinner so he specifically got you some takeouts." 

Qiao Anhao stared at the food for a while before entering the bathroom. 

When she came out, Zhao Meng sat on the bed, asking, "You're not eating?" 

Qiao Anhao ignored her and started to apply her skin care products in front of the mirror. 

Zhao Meng ran over to the table barefooted and opened the box of food. "It looks yummy, Qiao Qiao. He treats you really well, he even noticed that you didn't eat much..."

Qiao Anhao suddenly tightened her grip on the eye cream, squeezing a large amount out. She pulled some tissue in frustration, cleaning her hands before tossing the cream bottle onto the table. Climbing onto the bed, she covered her head with the blanket, pretending to be asleep. 

Zhao Meng went quiet instantly. 

The blanket sent Qiao Anhao’s entire world into darkness, she recalled the conversation that she had heard back in the restroom. Her suppressed feelings sent her into a frenzy once again. She continuously recalled the abortion papers that Lu Jinnian had signed, and she could no longer avoid her feelings. 

Qiao Anhao had always been trying to ignore his actions, but in the end, something on set happened that prevented her from ignoring him any longer.