Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(8)

The skies were about to dim. Lu Jinnian looked at the cliff—it was much lower than near their filming location. This meant that the more they flowed, the nearer they’d be to the land. 

Lu Jinnian took a glance at the unconscious Qiao Anhao before continuing to swim downwards. 

He had no idea how far they had gone. With the faint light from the moon, he saw that the distance to the land was indeed much shorter. When the distance was less than half a meter and the current was starting to slow, Lu Jinnian pushed Qiao Anhao onto sh.o.r.e before climbing up after. 

He applied pressure on her stomach to force out all the water she had drank. When he saw that she hadn't drank much, he sighed in relief. He reached out to feel her forehead to ensure that she wasn't having a fever before checking her breathing. When he confirmed that everything was all right, he finally relaxed. 

Lu Jinnian took in the surroundings—it was an untouched forest. He reached into his pocket and found his phone, a box of deformed cigarettes, and a lighter. 

The phone was no longer functional after being soaked for such a long time, but the lighter could still be used. 

He took a look at Qiao Anhao's soaked clothes. If she were to continue wearing them, she would definitely catch a cold. He didn't know when help would arrive, and if she were to fall ill here, it would become serious. A primitive forest was dry, so he couldn't light a flame for it would easily cause a forest fire. 

Lu Jinnian pondered for a while before carrying Qiao Anhao into the forest to find shelter. 

Using purely his instincts, he headed in a random direction. 

Luckily the moon was bright, sending light into the forest, allowing him to see the way.. 

The forest was filled with dried leaves which cracked with his every step. 

When Qiao Anhao finally opened her eyes, she was still in a daze. Where was she right now? 

She lifted her head and looked around. When she saw that she was in a forest, she frowned before recalling what had happened. She had fallen into the stream while filming and then had thought that she was about to die. That thought sent a s.h.i.+ver through her even now. 

Lu Jinnian seemed to have sensed her movements. He turned but couldn't see her face clearly, so he lightly asked, "Qiao Qiao?" 

When she heard his voice, her frown deepened. 

Why was he here? Was she dreaming? 

Lu Jinnian waited for a while. When she didn't reply, he asked again, "Qiao Qiao, are you awake?" 

When she heard him once more, she came back to her senses, remembering what had happened. When she was about to give up, she had felt someone hug her. At that time, she seemed to have thought it was just a hallucination... 

She realized that Lu Jinnian had saved her, but she still couldn't process what had happened, asking in a daze, "Lu Jinnian, is that you?"