Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(15)

Qiao Anhao was in despair and felt like dying but he had on a smile on his face? Even if she had a mild temper, she couldn't help getting infuriated. She struggled with her entire body, trying to free herself from his embrace, but Lu Jinnian exerted more strength, successfully caging her in his arms. It was as though he was trying to meld her into his body. 

She started to get increasingly furious, she opened her mouth and bit down on his shoulder. 

Lu Jinnian trembled, clearly in pain, but he had no intention of letting her go. 

In Qiao Anhao's desperation, tears started to fall out once more, her entire body trembling. When she could feel herself dying inside, she suddenly heard Lu Jinnian's whisper. 

"Qiao Qiao, you indeed got an abortion and I had indeed signed the papers, but I didn't have a choice, the child..." 

He had thought that she hated him but only now did he realize that it was because of the child. 

Lu Jinnian felt as though his emotions had just went on a wild ride, it was so exhausting it almost killed him. 

At this moment, when he mentioned the child, the happiness was replaced by sorrow once more. In a low voice, he explained, "When the report came out, the child had already been dead for a weak." 

Qiao Anhao seemed to have been struck, she stopped biting onto Lu Jinnian instantly. 

"Qiao Qiao, when I reached Mian Xiu Garden, you were already bleeding. I didn't know what to do so I sent you to the hospital... At that time, your condition was bad and you needed to go to a surgery immediately.." Lu Jinnian never wanted to be reminded of that night ever again. Even till today, he would awake from this nightmare sometimes. "Qiao Qiao, I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect the child as a father should." 

Qiao Anhao blinked several times before moving her mouth away from his shoulder to look at him in shock. "Died inside me?" 

Lu Jinnian nodded lightly. His throat moved slightly, and he continued, worried she didn't believe his words, "The reports are all with me, you can take a look once we return if you don't believe me." 

Her child died? That's why he signed the abortion papers? Which meant she had misunderstood him all this while? 

He had been treating her really well recently... But she had always been ignoring him and treating him coldly... And a few minutes ago, she had just said such mean things to him…

She started to regret her actions and started to feel embarra.s.sed. She buried her head in his shoulder and stared back at the spot that she had just bitten... There was blood and the skin had turned slightly purple. 

Lowering her lashes in embarra.s.sment, she reached out to caress his bruise before asking lightly, "Does it hurt?" 

Lu Jinnian's face was a frightening shade of white, but he shook his head faintly. "Doesn't hurt."