Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(19)
Chapter 458: Why Didn't You Want My Child19

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Lu Jinnian bolted up from his seat abruptly as though he had met with an urgent matter, frightening Qiao Anhao. She paused slightly before lifting her head. "What's wrong?"

Lu Jinnian pointed to the entrance of the cave calmly, saying, "Natures call."

Before waiting for her to respond, he headed out of the cave.

He randomly chose a path, and after walking about fifty meters, he stopped.

Having left in a hurry, he was still holding on to the fruit. He held it in his mouth and reached for his phone. He pressed the on switch and stared at the screen in anticipation, and miraculously, it actually lit up. He could even get a signal! Several texts came through, producing multiple beeps.

Deep in his heart, he couldn't help scolding the phone. What kind of phone was this? It could actually turn on after being soaked in water for such a long time?

Lu Jinnian exhaled, as he thought of the woman that was still thinking of ways to contact someone, something flashed past his eyes. He hesitated slightly before tossing the phone away.

When he was out getting fruits, he realized that there were multiple traps in the forest. This meant that there was a village nearby and it was highly likely that someone would be here today to reap their gains. When they came to claim their prey, the two of them would be able to follow them back, but before that, he would be able to spend quality time with her...

Lu Jinnian strolled back into the cave leisurely. He sat back down on the log and faced Qiao Anhao, who was still munching on the fruit. In a calm tone, he asked, "Right, before I left, what did you want to ask me?"

"Do you have your phone with you?"

Lu Jinnian replied honestly, "I do."

Surprise clouded her eyes: "Hurry and take it out, maybe it can still work. If it works, well be able to get help!"

"Yea." Lu Jinnian nodded accommodatingly before raising his hand to reach into his pocket. Frowning, he reached for his other pocket. He then pulled the entire pocket out before looking back at Qiao Anhao in despair... In a comforting tone, he tried to reassure her, "Maybe it's in the jacket."

As he spoke, he reached for the jacket at the side. He touched the pockets as Qiao Anhao stared at him with anticipation and hope. Just then, he pulled out his wallet really slowly.

He frowned and stood up, dusting his pants slightly. He spoke next in a curious tone as though he was talking to himself. "It's weird, I remember bringing my phone with me."

Qiao Anhaos lifted spirits were dashed in an instance, but she still helped him analyze the situation. "Maybe you dropped it when you jumped into the stream?"

Lu Jinnian nodded. With a placating expression, he agreed to her words, "Maybe..."