Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Peaceful and Beautiful Times(2)

A while after Lu Jinnian woke up, elderly Chen, Brother Chen, and his wife came back from the farm. 

While they were having lunch, Lu Jinnian asked where he could borrow a phone, sadly, the only family with a phone in the village wasn't at home in the afternoon. But when brother Chen was on the way back from the farm, he had seen that the door to the house was open, hence he immediately brought Lu Jinnian over. 

Brother Chen explained Lu Jinnian's situation to the family, so they allowed them into the house and led them towards their phone. The house's owner signaled for Lu Jinnian to use it, and he walked over and entered his a.s.sistant's phone number. 

The call went through instantly. The a.s.sistant's voice was drowned in anxiety. "Is there news from Mr. Lu and Miss Qiao?" 

Lu Jinnian paused for a bit before replying simply, "It's me." 

"Huh?" His a.s.sistant asked curiously, seemingly in a daze. After a while, he shouted enthusiastically, "Mr. Lu? Mr. Lu is that you?" 


"Mr. Lu, is that really you? Where are you now? Oh, did you see Miss Qiao? How are your conditions?" The a.s.sistant rambled on continuously. 

"I'm with her now, we're both fine." Lu Jinnian paused momentarily before adding, "We're at..." 

He turned to look at brother Chen, who understood instantly, and taking over the phone, he reported the village's name and its exact location. After the a.s.sistant had recorded the details, brother Chen pa.s.sed the phone back to Lu Jinnian.

"Mr. Lu, I'll rush over right now."

When they returned back to brother Chen's house, his wife had already made dinner. The village people led a simple life: they slept early and woke up early, so after dinner, elderly Chen brought the little girl into the house to sleep while brother Chen and his wife stayed behind to clean up their hunting gains before turning in. 

The village was extremely quiet once night set in. Besides the moonlight, there weren't any other light sources. 

Qiao Anhao had slept too much in the afternoon, so she laid beside Lu Jinnian, both of them wide awake. 

The moment she shut her eyes, her mind started to run. The more she thought about random things, the more awake she was, and in the end, she flipped over. Using the faint glow from the moon, she stared at Lu Jinnian's perfect profile.

After staring for a long while, she blinked and whispered his name, "Lu Jinnian?" 

"Yea?" Lu Jinnian opened his eyes as he flipped to the side. His eyes seemed like bottomless pits under the faint glow, captivating her. 

Her heart jumped, and she lowered her lashes unconsciously, hiding from his gaze before continuing, "Thank you." 

If it wasn't for him, she would probably be dead. 

"It's fine." Lu Jinnian knew what she meant, and he replied warmly. His voice was cold and frosty but it still managed to warm her heart.

Lu Jinnian had jumped down the cliff to save her, so was it like in the dramas where one could sacrifice their own life for someone else?