Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Peaceful and Beautiful Times(3)

Qiao Anhao couldn't explain it, but a thought started to form in her mind. Her heart pounded rapidly as she continued to stare at Lu Jinnian's profile, and before she could process whatever was in her mind, she blurted out, "Lu Jinnian, why are you so good to me?" 

Her question seemed to have startled Lu Jinnian. He remained silent, not knowing how to reply.

Only after Qiao Anhao had asked the question did she realize what had happened, and she started to grow anxious. She held her breath.

When she realized that Lu Jinnian didn't react at all, she started to feel embarra.s.sed. Desperately, she tried to find a way out, she thought randomly before finally thinking of something. "Lu Jinnian, are you guilty because of the death of the child? Is that why you're treating me so well?" 

Lu Jinnian had been fretting about what to do, so the moment he heard her, he heaved a sigh of relief and replied with a faint "Yea." 

He was indeed sorry for the death of the child, but even if the child hadn't existed, he would still have jumped into the stream without hesitation if the incident had happened again. 

But there were some things that he wasn't able to let her know. 

It was really because of the child... Disappointment clouded Qiao Anhao's heart instantly, but even if he felt guilty, wasn't sacrificing his life a bit too much? 

She wanted to pursue the matter further, but before she could ask the question, she paused. 

She had wanted to ask him: Did you jump down the cliff because you like me? 

Indeed, Lu Jinnian had treated her really well and done so many things that had caused her to be misled... 

But what if she was wrong?

 Qiao Anhao's lips moved, but in the end, she swallowed her question, remaining silent. 

Lu Jinnian, who was lying beside her, seemed to have suddenly remembered something important. He turned his head and stared into her eyes, his face solemn. 

"I paid the hospital a large sum to keep your abortion a secret, how could you have found out about it?" 

Lu Jinnian's question caused Qiao Anhao's mind to freeze, but she replied honestly. "A nurse from the hospital sent me the form..." 

She paused, seeming to have realized that something was wrong. Without continuing her sentence, she asked, "Hey, wait up. The nurse mentioned that you didn't want my child and that she was the accomplice. The only reason she sent the papers to me was because she was guilty and was trying to redeem herself... Why would she feel guilty about my miscarriage?" 

Lu Jinnian didn't care for the second half of her sentence. With a frown, he asked,"What was in the delivery?" 

"The abortion papers you signed." 

"When did you receive them?" 

Qiao Anhao thought for a while. "On my birthday…" 

Wasn't her birthday the day that Xu Jiamu woke up? 

Lu Jinnian's heart clenched tightly; he had understood everything in that instant. 

Everything was planned by Han Ruchu...