Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Peaceful and Beautiful Times(5)

Qiao Anaho's brows moved, she seemed to have smelled the familiar aroma of Lu Jinnian. Just then, she seemed to have heard someone whisper, "Qiao Qiao, I like you, I have liked you for a very very long time." 

Qiao Anhao's lips curled upwards into a smile, her head rubbing the pillow before falling into deep sleep. 

Lu Jinnian stared at Qiao Anhao's face for a long while before reaching out to rub her hair lightly. Turning back to his side of the bed, he laid down.

The next morning, Qiao Anhao was awaken by thunder. She sat upright and turned to the other side of the bed, Lu Jinnian was no longer around. The skies started to pour outside, and she came out and saw that brother Chen's wife was the only one in the living room. She sat on a wooden stool, sewing a man's s.h.i.+rt. 

"Miss Qiao, you're awake?" She raised her head to look at Qiao Anhao. Putting the clothes down, she walked to the side and placed a set of breakfast onto the table in front of her. 

Qiao Anhao thanked her before sitting down. She tilted her head and asked, "Where is everyone?" 

"They went to he mountain to cut shoots." 

Qiao Anhao didn't reply, she lowered her head to eat silently. When she was halfway through, lighting struck, piercing the air before a loud clap of thunder resounded. Swiftly, the rain increased in intensity.

Qiao Anhao turned to face the door instinctively. As she looked out, the rain pelted down from the skies aggressively, blurring her vision. As puddles started to form, flooding the area, she started to feel increasingly worried, losing her appet.i.te. 

She continued to stare out the door, gaining Madam Chen's attention. She smiled slightly, comforting Qiao Anhao, " Miss Qiao, don't worry, the weather here is always like that, it'll stop in a while." 

Qiao Anhao nodded her head lightly, her heart uneasy. The skies were pouring. Since she was in Beijing ever since she was young, it was the first time she had experienced such bad weather. 

Madam Chen seemed to understand Qiao Anhao's anxiety, but at the same time, she was bored, so she asked, "Miss Qiao, where are you from?" 

Qiao Anhao stared at the horrid weather, her mind running as she replied soullessly, "Beijing." 

"Oh Beijing, that's a big city, no wonder you seem so elegant." As she spoke, Madam Chen tied an end knot on the s.h.i.+rt before biting off the thread. 

Another lighting pierced through the skies, and Qiao Anhao paled, starting to get more anxious, her entire body trembling.

Madam Chen couldn't keep in her laughter. "Miss Qiao, don't worry, your man will definitely be fine." 

Your man... Qiao Anhao was just about to explain when suddenly two figures came into sight.

She paused, swallowing her words. She stood up hurriedly and saw brother Chen running in covered in mud, behind him was Lu Jinnian, who was entirely covered in mud as well. But even mud, it still couldn't conceal the elegance that he emitted. 

The moment she saw him back in one piece, Qiao Anhao finally calmed her heavy heart. Before she could ask how he was, Madam Chen laughed lightly.

"Aiya, you're finally back Mr. Lu! You have no idea how worried your wife was when she realized you were out in such a bad weather. She was so anxious she almost cried!"