Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 465

Chapter 465: Peaceful and Beautiful Times(6)

Madam Chen pointed with her head towards the table as she spoke. "Look, she didn't even eat much." 

Lu Jinnian glanced towards the breakfast on the table before glancing back at Qiao Anhao. 

She blushed upon hearing Madam Chen's words, and when she sensed Lu Jinnian looking at her, she blushed an even deeper shade of red, lowering her head to s.h.i.+eld her face. Just then, she realized that she hadn't clarified their relations.h.i.+p.

Before the men had returned, Madam Chen had already boiled some water for them to have a bath. After they took a hot bath, the rain had already stopped and the skies were clear once again, brightening the village. 

Qiao Anhao walked back to the room with a freshly brewed bowl of ginger soup. When she entered, she saw that Lu Jinnian's hair was drenched and was still dripping water. She frowned slightly, placing the ginger soup on the table before leaving the room to get a dry towel. 

Lu Jinnian sat on the edge of the bed, holding the bowl of ginger soup in his hands and sipping from it carefully, the droplets from his hair dripping into the bowl. 

Qiao Anhao walked towards him, placed a towel on his head, and started to dry it tenderly. 

Lu Jinnian stiffened slightly, spilling hot soup onto the back of his hand, scalding it bright red. Ignoring the pain, he lowered his lashes, continuing to sip the hot soup gingerly. 

The room was silent. After a moment, Qiao Anhao said softly, "Erm, Madam Chen misunderstood." 

Lu Jinnian took a moment to process her words before replying with a non-committal "Oh." Reaching out with his hand, he placed the bowl onto the table beside. 

Qiao Anhao removed the towel and caressed his hair; it was only slightly damp now. She turned, and when she was about to leave, she tripped on Lu Jinnian's leg, falling right into his arms. Her face blushed a deep shade of red as she struggled to climb out of his embrace. But Lu Jinnian, he instead grabbed onto her wrists. 

Qiao Anhao stiffened. She lifted her head and her gaze collided straight with Lu Jinnian's eyes. 

In that instance, her heart raced and an unknown anxiety started to enclose her. 

After a seemingly long while, Lu Jinnian moved her hands to the back of her head, moving her head slightly upwards. Soon, she felt his head lowering closer and closer to her face. 

Qiao Anhao felt as though her heart had stopped. Her long lashes trembled slightly before her eyes shut entirely. She could feel his breath spilling onto her face, it was heated and moist. 

She couldn't help gulping down her saliva. Even though her eyes were shut and she couldn't see anything, she knew that his lips were almost touching hers... just then, their lips met. 

Heat ran through her body, spreading everywhere, and her lashes started to tremble rapidly. 

Lu Jinnian's lips covered her lips, but he remained motionless for a long while before slowly kissing her. Just when his tongue was going to venture in, Madam Chen's loud voice pierced through the air. "Mr. Lu, Miss Qiao, someone is here to get you!"