Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Peaceful and Beautiful Times (8)

"Qiao Qiao!"

"Miss Qiao!"

"Miss Qiao!"

Everyone screamed in shock at practically the same time.

Lu Jinnian was the first to rush over to Qiao Anhao, followed closely behind by Xu Jiamu. However, Xu Jiamu was far closer to where Qiao Anhao had fallen than Lu Jinnian was, so it didn't matter how fast he ran. Xu Jiamu was the first to reach Qiao Anhao, and he crouched down, propping her up.

Xu Jiamu lightly slapped her face and gently called her name twice. Yet Qiao Anhao was resting weakly on his shoulders without the slightest reaction.

Lu Jinnian, who had originally lunged forward, stopped sharply in his tracks. He looked over at the pale-faced Qiao Anhao with her eyes shut, nestled in Xu Jiamu's arms. His eyes were rather astounded.

Just now, because he ran over so abruptly, his breath was a little unsteady, and his outstretched hands lingered still, mid-air.

Brother Chen and his wife, Qiao Anxia and the a.s.sistant had already come over.

"What happened to Miss Qiao? How did she suddenly faint?" said brother Chen's wife, as she looked over at her husband.

"Qiao Qiao, Qiao Qiao!" Qiao Anxia shook Qiao Anhao's arm, then impatiently cried out to Xu Jiamu, "Xu Jiamu, what are you doing, blanking out? Hurry up and take Qiao Qiao to the hospital!"

With Qiao Anxia's cries, Xu Jiamu abruptly snapped back to reality, then hurriedly carried Qiao Anhao out. He turned and rushed out the door.

Qiao Anxia hurriedly left with the words, "Thank you for taking care of Qiao Qiao."

She then ran away in her ten centimeter shoes and caught up with Xu Jiamu. As she opened her handbag, she pulled the car door and outstretched her arms to push Xu Jiamu, who was setting Qiao Anhao down, into the car. With bossy aura, she ordered him, "Hand me the keys, you get in too. I'm driving!"

Without even waiting for Xu Jiamu to search for his keys, Qiao Anxia ardently reached her hand out and scoured through his pockets, to which Xu Jiamu cried out, "Qiao Anxia, what the f*ck do you think you're touching?!"

With the car keys in her hand, Qiao Anxia shot Xu Jiamu a scornful look, as though she couldn't be bothered to answer him. Then she put the key straight in the car and started the engine up.

"Bro, you lot hurry and catch up!" screamed Xu Jiamu into the courtyard behind him, and then, he got in the car. Before the car door was even closed, Qiao Anxia stepped on the accelerator, causing it to jump. The dirty water by the road flew on Xu Jiamu's face, and he howled in rage, "Qiao Anxia, could you just be normal!"

The car door then abruptly slammed shut, and as the car started up with a roar, it quickly disappeared.

"Mr. Lu, shall we also be going?"

With his a.s.sistant's reminder, Lu Jinnian quickly came to his senses. He lowered his eyelids, masking the sadness beneath his eyes, then straightened up. He silently pulled back his arms that were ready to hold Qiao Anhao and turned to say a few words to bid brother Chen and his wife farewell. However, the words never came. In the end, he gently nodded, and strode over the the courtyard doors.

Brother Chen and his wife saw Lu Jinnian and his a.s.sistant to the door, but Lu Jinnian still didn't say a word. The a.s.sistant enthusiastically said his goodbyes to the couple, then started up the car, and chased after the car in front.

Lu Jinnian's car followed closely behind Qiao Anxia. They stopped at the entrance of a local hospital downtown.