Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 470

Chapter 470: Video Call(1)

Sometimes,no matter how hard people try to keep things hidden, there would still be loopholes. 

When Xu Wanli was having dinner with some investors in the entertainment industry, he found out that Qiao Anhao had gotten injured during the filming of "Heaven's sword".

Initially, Xu Wanli had no idea that the victim was Qiao Anhao, hence he just treated the news as gossip. In the end, the investor came close to him and whispered softly that the victim seemed to have been his daughter in law, but to prevent any trouble, the crew had stopped the news from spreading. 

Xu Wanli wasn't sure of those words' credibility, but when he returned home, he still told Han Ruchu about the matter. From there, Han Ruchu had called Qiao Anxia's mother to ask about it and she had called Qiao Anhao to find out. But when no one answered the call, she anxiously dialed for Qiao Anxia. 

Even though Qiao Anxia had rea.s.sured her that Qiao Anhao was already fine and that she and Xu Jiamu were there, taking care of her, Han Ruchu and Qiao Anxia's mother still took a flight down the very next day. 

On yet another night, Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant carried a pack rice over to Lu Jinnian's car. He opened the drivers seat door and sat in. 

Lu Jinnian sat in the pa.s.senger seat with the new phone that his a.s.sistant had gotten for him and was scanning through the pile of company doc.u.ments, with the seemingly untouched lunch at his side. 

His a.s.sistant frowned, placing the new pack of food in the car before bringing the previous pack out to toss it in the rubbish bin. He returned back to the drivers seat and said, "Mr. Lu, you haven't eaten in almost a day, have some food."

"I'm not hungry." Lu Jinnian didn't bother lifting his head when he replied faintly, he continued to stare at the phone and reply to the pile of emails. 

The a.s.sistant continued, "Mr. Lu, there are people taking care of Miss Qiao, I'm sure she'll be fine."

Lu Jinnian ignored him, bringing his phone closer. He said, "There are some problems with the contract, I've indicated the areas that need to be edited and have sent it to your email." 

Ignored, the a.s.sistant touched his nose and looked out the car to face a certain window on the second floor. Sighing inwardly, he thought about how Mr. Lu was the most worried when Miss Qiao fell ill. But beside her, she had her fiance, so all Mr. Lu could do was stand by the side.

Yet when Mr. Xu's mother came, he could no longer even stand by the sides and had been relegated to waiting in the car. When she finally woke up in the afternoon, the a.s.sistant had ecstatically reported the news to Mr. Lu, hoping that he would get some rest, but unlike what he had hoped, the other had no intention of leaving. 

The a.s.sistant remained silent, not disrupting Lu Jinnian. The entire car was silent except for the few words from Lu Jinnian while he was holding meetings with the board members.

At night, the skies were dark. When Lu Jinnian finally finished a large chunk of work, he placed his phone at the side and leaned back against the seat. He reached his hand out to ma.s.sage his forehead before spotting his a.s.sistant through the rear view mirror. He paused before saying, "You can go back now."