Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Video Call(3)

When Lu Jinnian was eleven, he lost his mother and was sent to Xu family by his grandfather. At that time, Han Ruchu, Xu Wanli, and even the helpers wouldn't even glance at him, only Xu Jiamu didn't despise him and chose to accept his aloofness, treating him kindly and even trying to be friendly with him. 

When the midnight alarm sounded, Xu Jiamu would receive a lot of red packets, each filled with a thick wad of cash. Any one of the red packets was filled with more money than the inheritance that Lu Jinnian's mother had left for him. 

But he had none. 

At that time, Xu Jiamu had thrown all the red packets into the bin, saying a sentence that even till today was deeply etched in Lu Jinnian's heart: If my brother doesn't have any, I don't want them either. 

From then on, he had always treated Xu Jiamu as his brother. 

In that instance, the a.s.sistant had no idea what Lu Jinnian was thinking. 

This man of little words that was always cold and distant seemed like he would never be happy or upset, he seemed to be nonchalant and never having a care for the world, but even though his words were often mean and he wasn't the best person to be with, deep inside, he held so much.

When someone treated you with just a little bit of care, you would keep it deeply inside your heart and stay loyal to that person,willing to accept all the pain on his behalf.

Since Mr. Lu knew that Mr. Xu liked Miss Qiao, he decided to give up his rights. 

Because he didn't want to hurt him. 

Willingly suffering by himself. 

The a.s.sistant felt his throat choke up, his heart begin to ache. Only after a long while did he speak up again. "But, Mr. Lu, there's a long way ahead, you can't just keep waiting. Why don't you try to find another girl..."

Yes, he could try to like another girl. If he could successfully find someone else, maybe he wouldn't be in so much pain. 

Lu Jinnian replied helplessly, "But other girls... they aren't Qiao Anhao."

In that instance, the a.s.sistant was left speechless. 

The car sank into silence once more. Seemingly after a long while, Lu Jinnian spoke again, rus.h.i.+ng his a.s.sistant back to rest. This time, the man nodded and left silently. 

Lu Jinnian winded down the window and lit up a cigarette. Through the smoke he blew out, he stared at the second floor window, sorrow flas.h.i.+ng past his eyes. 

She was just a few meters away from him... But he wasn't able to go up. 

It was as though he was able to touch her if he just reached out, but somehow, he wasn't able to hold on.

Between them, there was a long wall that he was never able to cross. 

Qiao Anhao had been on two IV drips the previous night, so she was only able to get another drip at 10 pm today. 

Xu Jiamu guarded her bed the whole of last night. Tonight, he had returned to the hotel with Han Ruchu while Qiao Anxia and her mother took over. 

Qiao Anhao was still running a fever, but she was much better and was afraid of boredom, so she requested for his phone when Xu Jiamu left. 

In the afternoon, Xu Jiamu added an additional bed in the ward. At 11.30 pm, Qiao Anxia ran to the convenience shop to get some food while her mother laid on the other bed to sleep.