Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 473

Chapter 473: Video Call(4)

When Qiao Anhao woke up from her afternoon nap, she wanted to find out how Lu Jinnian was doing but because of Han Ruchu, she didn't dare to ask anyone. 

After sleeping for such a long time, Qiao Anhao was wide awake and started to play games on Xu Jiamu's phone. Soon, she felt bored though and placed the phone down, listening to her aunt's soft breathing. Gradually she started to feel frustrated.

She held up the phone and stared at the screen for a long while before scrolling through Xu Jiamu's contact list to find Lu Jinnian's number. She wasn't sure if he had gotten a replacement ... He was probably with his a.s.sistant... But... 

Qiao Anhao scanned through Xu Jiamu's contact list but wasn't able to find Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant's number. She hesitated slightly before sending a text over, [You there?]

When Lu Jinnian heard his phone ring, he tapped his cigarette lightly before glancing over at his phone screen. He was confused when he saw that it was from Xu Jiamu, so he sent a question mark over.

She actually got a reply... Qiao Anhao couldn't help as excitement spread across her. Since one of her hands had a needle, she could only use the other one. Biting down on her lip, she struggled to type a few words. [What are you doing now?]

When Lu Jinnian saw the reply, he frowned, sensing something wrong with Xu Jiamu, so he sent yet another question mark over.

Qiao Anhao looked at the two question marks he had sent her and bit her lip, wondering if it was an automated reply. 

She hesitated before sending a question mark. 

In the end, her reply got lost. After waiting for a long while, she still wasn't able to get a response. 

Qiao Anhao frowned, reading the short conversation repeatedly. In the end, she suddenly recalled that it was Xu Jiamu's phone. Hurriedly, she sent another text out, [I am Qiao Anhao.] 

Lu Jinnian held a new cigarette in his mouth. When he was about to lit it up, he heard his phone ring once again. He turned and looked at the screen: it was yet another text from Xu Jiamu. This time, he had sent him a question mark. Internally, Lu Jinnian scolded him crazy before lighting his cigarette. 

After about five minutes, his phone rang once more. Instinctively, Lu Jinnian glanced at the screen, spotting the text from Xu Jiamu, [ I'm Qiao Anhao.] 

Lu Jinnian lifted his head up towards the second floor window, feeling warmed by her text. 

Qiao Anhao held onto the phone, focusing on the screen, waiting for a reply. In the end, the phone started to vibrate, the word "Brother" appearing on the screen. 

Lu Jinnian had actually called. Qiao Anhao used one hand to receive the call but because she was using only one hand, she accidentally hung up. She stuck her tongue out, hurriedly calling him back, but the line got cut off. She waited slightly before calling back. This time, it went through.

She was afraid that she would disrupt her aunt, so in a low voice, she called out," Lu Jinnian?"