Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 474

Chapter 474: Video Call(5)

After feeling moody the entire day, Lu Jinnian, just hearing her call his name, felt a dark cloud lift. In a light voice, he faintly asked, "Hmm?" 

Even though it was a simple word, it was enough to bring peace to Qiao Anhao's uneasy heart. But she didn't know what to say, she couldn't possibly tell him that she missed him... that would be too humiliating. 

Hesitating, she asked, "Lu Jinnian, have you eaten dinner?" 

Lu Jinnian turned to look at the untouched food that his a.s.sistant had gotten him. In a soft voice, he replied, "I have eaten."

Looking back, he saw the cigarette he held in his fingers, and even though she couldn't see through the phone, he knew that she didn't like it when he smoked, so he threw it away even if there was still half left. 

"What did you eat?" 

Lu Jinnian looked back at the packed food. "Pizza." 

"That's unhealthy, even though I like pizza too, you shouldn't have too much, it's very hearty..." Just a moment ago, Qiao Anhao had had nothing to say, now she seemed to have an endless amount of things to say as she continued to ramble on. 

Lu Jinnian wasn't the least bit annoyed. His face relaxed instead, tenderness seeping into his eyes as he continued to chat randomly with her. 

Halfway through, a nurse came to help Qiao Anhao remove the needle, so she placed the phone at the side. She had wanted to continue her conversation in a while, but after the nurse left, she realized that the call had ended, so she called back, but before it got through, she hung up and instead clicked onto the video call b.u.t.ton instead. 

The call went through instantly, the image loading for a bit before Lu Jinnian's perfect features came into sight. 

His surroundings were dim, so he had switched on the car lights. 

The first thing she asked was, "You're in your car?" 

That was when she realized that his dark circles were much worse than before and his face was filled with fatigue. She seemed to have guessed what he was up too. Pulling her blanket away, she softly came down from her bed, walking to the window. She pulled the curtains and looked down, not far away was Lu Jinnian's lit up car. 

It was just as she had guessed, he was waiting downstairs...

Her heart clenched tightly. The fingers with which she held the phone started to tremble. Tenderly, she said, "Lu Jinnian, step out of your car." 


"Step out." 

After Qiao Anhao had requested the second time, she could see through the window that he had indeed come out of his car. 

"I'm out, why..?" As Lu Jinnian asked, he lifted his head instinctively to look at the second floor window. In the end, he couldn't finish his sentence. 

Today, he had glanced up at that window multiple times. Now, Qiao Anhao stood there, with the phone in front of her, her back against the brightly lit room. Even though he couldn't see her expression, he was able to see her waving hand.