Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Video Call(6)
Chapter 475: Video Call6

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anhao deliberately lowered voice when speaking to the phone. "Can you see me?"

Lu Jinnian closed the car door, walking forward. He sat casually on the front of the car, his head lifting upwards to look at Qiao Anhao. His lips curled upwards uncontrollably when he replied warmly, "Yea, I can see you."

The night seemed to have turned tender because of Lu Jinnian's words, and Qiao Anhao looked down. Lu Jinnian sat on his car under the street lamp, the warm rays elongating his body, delighting her. In a soft, whiny voice, she asked,"How long have you stayed in the car?"

Her tender voice reached deep into Lu Jinnians heart, calming him. In a deep, clear voice, he replied, "Not long."

"Really?" Qiao Anhao asked. Her lips curling slightly when she added, "More than twelve hours?"

Lu Jinnian laughed lightly from her smile. "Yea." He sighed, murmuring softly, "It finally happened."

"What happened?" Qiao Anhao had no clue what he was saying.

"Nothing." Lu Jinnian looked up at her. Inwardly he thought, this was the first time that she had noticed him guarding her.

"Oh," she replied with low spirits.

Lu Jinnian changed to a more relaxed position and leaned back on his car, asking, "Has the fever gone down?"

"It's gone." The moment he changed the topic, Qiao Anhao seemed to have forgotten about his murmur. She directed the camera to the hand that was previously injected before whining to Lu Jinnian as how a girlfriend would to her boyfriend, "Look, they injected me four times, theres even a bruise..."

Lu Jinnian brought the phone closer to himself. Indeed, surrounding the plaster on the back of her hand, there were multiple purple bruises.

"Does it still hurt?" he asked lightly.

The pain had already subsided but Qiao Anhao still pouted and whined, "It hurts..."

Her whiny voice was a little loud, causing her aunt to stir slightly. Instinctively, she covered her mouth, but she still added, "It really hurts!"

Lu Jinnian stared at her adorable expression, his gaze turning warm. He reached out to caress the screen as though he was caressing her face.

When Qiao Anhao saw his hand reach out, she turned silent, and only their faint breathing could be heard. The atmosphere turned sweet and warm, their hearts at ease, while an occasional light breeze passed through at times.

After a long while, Qiao Anhao blinked. Lightly, she said, "I will be discharged tomorrow."