Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Video Call(7)

After a long while, Qiao Anhao blinked. Lightly, she said, "I will be discharged tomorrow." 


"They want me to go back to Beijing to rest so I won't be able to go back to film for the next few days."


"My flight is tomorrow afternoon at ten."


"What about you? Are you going back to Beijing?" Without waiting for Lu Jinnian's reply, Qiao Anhao hurriedly whispered, "My sister is back, I'll hang up first." 

After the call cut off, Lu Jinnian continued to listen to the phone's buzzing for a long time before putting it back in his pocket. He stood stationary for a long while staring at her window. In the end, he lowered his head to laugh lightly, his face tender. 

The next day, Qiao Anhao and her caretakers reached the airport. Xu Jiamu had driven from Beijing, so he went straight to the customs to apply for his car to be sent back, leaving Qiao Anhao, Qiao Anxia, her mother, and Han Ruchu to check in. After they had checked in, they headed to a cafe to wait for Xu Jiamu. 

The application to send the car back was complicated, so even after half an hour, Xu Jiamu was still not back. They tried to call and rush him, but he didn't respond. When they were finally left with an hour, Qiao Anhao decided to personally get him. 

Before she could reach the counter, she met Xu Jiamu. 

The airport cafe was often packed and filled with luggage and trolleys, causing the walkway to be narrow, so she walked directly behind Xu Jiamu. When they pa.s.sed a corner of the cafe, she accidentally b.u.mped into someone's thigh and turned to apologize, but then, she froze. 

Lu Jinnian sat elegantly on the chair, a cup of coffee in his hands as he sipped slowly. 

Qiao Anhao wanted to call out to him but when she saw Han Ruchu seated not far away, she swallowed her words, instead sending a questioning gaze to him. 

Lu Jinnian remained silent as well. He seemed to have understood her gaze, for while continuing to drink his coffee, he knocked on the table where he had placed his plane ticket. 

Qiao Anhao swept a glance, realizing that it was the same flight that she was on. 

"Qiao Qiao?" Xu Jiamu asked when he realized that she was no longer right behind him.

Qiao Qiao made a sound of acknowledgment, glanced back at Lu Jinnian, and walked off hurriedly. When she reached the table, she instinctively turned towards Lu Jinnian's direction once more. 

After Xu Jiamu had settled the bill and they were on the way out, Qiao Anhao realized that the seat that Lu Jinnian was sitting on was now empty. 

After going through the security checks, Qiao Anhao kept looking around, missing out on what Qiao Anxia had said, irritating her. "Qiao Qiao, what exactly are you looking for?"

"Nothing?" Qiao Anhao shook her head, her gaze wandering once again. 

Only after the security checks, on the way to the boarding gate outside a restroom did Qiao Anhao spot Lu Jinnian once more.