Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 480

Chapter 480: Divorce(1)

It has probably been a few months since Lin s.h.i.+yi last saw Qiao Anhao, even though they were barely acquainted, the other was deeply etched in her mind. 

Lin s.h.i.+yi has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time and had fought with many actresses before, not every battle was victorious but it always ended in just a small defeat. Yet with Qiao Anhao, she had been defeated so brutally that her reputation was in tatters even to this day, people would still leave mean comments on her weibo to scold her.

She was never the first female lead, even the second female lead role was a rare opportunity, but now, she wasn't even able to get a role with lines. Her manager had forsaken her for a new artist ,and now, she relegated to selling herself to satisfy her material needs. All these was because of Qiao Anhao. 

For the past few months, Lin s.h.i.+yi would keep an eye on her, but whenever she heard of news, it would be another blow as the news would always be about her new endors.e.m.e.nt or her new lead role. There was even once when she had followed an elderly rich man to gamble that she found out that Qiao Anhao was actually the wife of their heir to Xu enterprise. 

At that time, she realized the pain of comparison. 

For the past few months, she had been dreaming of finding a weakness, heavens must have been touched for she was finally awarded an opportunity. 

Lu Jinnian got his a.s.sistant to leave before he personally drove Qiao Anhao to dinner. 

In the meeting, he seemed to have been paying attention to everyone's critique, but his mind had been actually wandering off. He was thinking of where to bring Qiao Anhao for dinner, and in the end, he decided on "Peppermint Garden". While he was still in the meeting, he sent them a text to book a table. 

"Peppermint Garden" was an open air restaurant in a vintage looking garden. 

Lu Jinnian had booked the table beside the pond below the vines. The view was scenic and the company was one he was fond of, bringing a cheery spirit to the both of them. 

Qiao Anhao had been to "Peppermint Garden" several times and had a preference for some dishes. Hence, when Lu Jinnian was ordering, she picked an additional two dishes that she preferred. 

Lu Jinnian ended his meeting at 6.30 and they reached the restaurant at 8 pm, so Qiao Anhao was already starving. The dishes were served quickly, and the moment they were served, she held up her chopsticks. 

Before Lu Jinnian could pick up his chopsticks, his phone rang. It was regarding business matters, so Qiao Anhao ate quietly, not disrupting him.

Lu Jinnian had ordered a set of sweet vinegar prawns, and Qiao Anhao really liked the sweet and strong taste, so initially, she ate with her chopsticks, but in the end, she placed them down to use her fingers. The sauce stained her entire hand, causing her to feel uncomfortable, so she decided to finish the whole lot. When there were only about seven prawns left, she realized that Lu Jinnian hadn't eaten.