Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Divorce (4)

Lately, Lin s.h.i.+yi had had her eye on a new Audi. Yesterday, she spent the night with a rich man she recently got to know and intentionally put the idea out there as she got out the magazine cover with the car and sweetly told him that she wanted it.

At the time, the man had gotten excited and started perversely staring at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Without even a glance at the car on the cover, he nodded in agreement and pushed her onto the bed.

The next day, Lin s.h.i.+yi reminded him what he agreed to last night, and he really did take her to the new 4S shop. She circled the car she saw yesterday and shamelessly told him to buy it with insurance, to which he replied that he will in a few days' time

Lin s.h.i.+yi knew that she probably had no hope in a few days' times, and so she continued to sweetly ask two more times. In the end, the man looked like he had no intention of buying it, so she found an excuse to leave the waiting room to go to the restroom.

After she finished, she stood in front of the sink to touch up her make-up. Through the mirror, she saw her delicately beautiful good looks and felt a little wronged deep down. If she had wanted a car when she was famous, she wouldn't even bat an eyelid when men practically brought money to her door...

As soon as she thought back to the old days, Lin s.h.i.+yi started to remember her hate for Qiao Anhao. She thought back to a few days ago, when she had sent reporters the photo she'd taken, but in the end, there was no sign of a scandal, which started to get her irritated again.

She clapped her compact foundation shut, then turned around and out of the restroom. As she was about to re-enter the waiting room, she saw the 4S store manager, attentively walking next to a gracefully poised middle-aged woman that was circling around the Audi Lin s.h.i.+yi had been looking at.

Then, with a snooty expression, that woman said something, to which the 4S manager nodded and bowed, leading her to the VIP seats. After offering her a seat, the manager ordered the sales a.s.sistant to pour her a cup of coffee, and then he ran over to the front desk to get the bill.

At first, Lin s.h.i.+yi only noticed the middle-aged woman because she bought the car that was on her mind, like something on a grocery list. However, when Lin s.h.i.+yi finished admiring others and was about to go back into the waiting room, she heard the manager ask in a low voice, "Madam Xu, are you buying this car for yourself?"

"No, it's for my son."

"Then should I put it under Mr. Xu Jiamu's name?"

The middle-aged woman arrogantly nodded, sipping her coffee without a word.

Mr. Xu Jiamu... Again, those words peaked Lin s.h.i.+yi's interest. She stared from the side and whispered to the smiling sales a.s.sistant, "Who is that lady?"

"It's Mrs. Han Ruchu, the deputy director of the Xu enterprise."

Han Ruchu waited in the 4S store until the paperwork was finalized, then left Xu Jiamu's address for them to directly deliver it to him. Finished, she picked her bag and slowly walked out with her a.s.sistant.

The a.s.sistant ran first, next to the car, and pulled open the door. Han Ruchu bent down and was ready to get into the car when she heard someone calling for her.

 "Madam Xu."

Han Ruchu stopped, then she and her a.s.sistant turned their heads. They saw a woman who was dressed in an alluring way standing at the door of the 4S shop with a smile on her face, staring at them.