Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 484

Chapter 484: Divorce (5)
Chapter 484: Divorce (5)
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Han Ruchu dealt with important business everyday and the people she knew were prestigious. When she saw the unfamiliar young face, she didn't quite remember who it was, so she flicked her brows and stood there without saying a word.

Lin Shiyi walked elegantly over to her in high heels, maintaining a wide smile on her face. She reached her hand out to introduce herself. "Madam Xu, my name is Lin Shiyi."

Han Ruchu glanced at Lin Shiyi's outstretched hand without any intention of shaking it.

Han Ruchu's assistant politely said, "Pardon me Miss, is there something you want?"

Though it was the assistant who asked, Lin Shiyi took it as Han Ruchu's inquiry. She looked the woman in the eyes and said, "Madam Xu, Qiao Anhao is your daughter-in-law and Mr. Xu Jiamu's wife, am I correct? The reason I called your name was to tell you something about Qiao Anhao."

After mingling in the business scene for so many years, Han Ruchu had long trained herself to not react to certain matters. Even if she was curious deep down inside, she would always maintain a calm composure.

Seeing as Han Ruchu wore an arrogant expression and wasn't angry, Lin Shiyi pulled a few photos out of her bag and handed them over to her.

Han Ruchu's assistant stretched his hand out to take the photo, then passed it over. With a single glance, Han Ruchu's expression immediately froze. Then, she finally spoke her first words to Lin Shiyi. "Where did you get these photographs?"

This was the reaction Lin Shiyi was looking for. If Qiao Anhao's mother-in-law was pissed, then Qiao Anhao's days would be insufferable. A hint of joy flashed across her heart, but her composure remained calm when she lied.

"I got these from a friend awhile ago. Madam Xu, didn't you know? Many people in Beijing's business network know about this. Everyone's saying in private that the Xu family's daughter-in-law and the CEO of Huan Ying Entertainment got together during filming..."

Before Lin Shiyi could finish, Han Ruchu interrupted her, "Enough!"

The sheer force of Han Ruchu's ferocity left Lin Shiyi a little dumbstruck.

Han Ruchu only glanced at Lin Shiyi, and snatched the photos from the assistant's hands. Without saying a single word, she got into the car.

The assistant instinctively knew to get in as well. They started up the car and left.

After Han Ruchu got into the car, she stared gloomily at the photos. Her eyes were practically spewing fire, and after a while, it was like her body could no longer suppress her anger. She threw the photos at the car seat and leaned back, out of breath. She stared outside the window for a while, and then said, "Don't go back to Xu enterprises. Head straight for the Qiao family estate!"


That morning, Chen Yang had flown to France to take part on the runway, so Qiao Anxia picked up her parents after work and went home together with them.

Compared to the past, they got back today rather early. When they arrived home, servants hadn't made dinner yet.

Qiao Anxia took a shower and brewed a pot of Bi Luo Chun green tea, then brought a cup for her parents, who were reading a newspaper in the living room.

Her father took a sip of tea. With work on his mind, he casually asked Qiao Anxia something.

"Dad, when you're at home, could you not always be busy with work?" she complained, which also prompted her mother to chime in. Then, the doorbell rang.