Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 485

Chapter 485: Divorce(6)

Qiao Anxia stood up to open the door. When she saw Han Ruchu, she smiled. "Auntie Xu." 

Han Ruchu ignored her. Without changing her shoes, she stomped into the house. 

When both Qiao Anxia's mother and father saw her expression, they knew that something was wrong. They glanced at each other and mother Qiao stood up with a smile on her face. "Ruchu, what happened? Why are you so angry?" 

Han Ruchu remained silent, tossing the photos onto the coffee table. 

Both Qiao Anxia's parents froze, then reached to pick a photo each. The moment they took in their contents, their faces paled instantly. 

After a moment, father Qiao said, " Ruchu, there could be a misunderstanding." 

"Misunderstanding? I hope it's a misunderstanding, but the photos are out, so how can you call this a misunderstanding? Now, the entire Beijing business circle is aware of this scandal, your precious niece cuckolded my son! I'm sure they're all laughing at my Jiamu right now!"

Since Han Ruchu was infuriated, her words became especially mean and crude. 

Mother Qiao tried to salvage the situation. "Ruchu, I don't think you should be so agitated, you should know that Qiao Qiao and Xia Xia were both Xu Jiamu and Lu Jinnian's cla.s.smates, this could just be a meal..." 

"JUST A MEAL? Besides, who eats like this?" Han Ruchu bent down, pointing at the photos aggressively. 

Since they were at the wrong, the Qiao parents smiled while instructing Qiao Anxia, "Xia Xia, get auntie Xu some tea." 

Father Qiao then turned to mother Qiao. "Get Qiao Qiao here right now." 

Father Qiao stood up, tapping onto Han Ruchu's shoulder. "Ruchu, calm down, we'll ask Qiao Qiao when she gets back." 

After Qiao Anxia poured Han Ruchu a cup of tea, she picked a photo up to take a look. Inside, Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao were sitting at a table beside a lake while having a meal. 

Lu Jinnian was tenderly using a wet tissue to help Qiao Anhao clean her hands. Qiao Anhao, in the meantime, had her face lowered, her gaze focused on the hand that Lu Jinnian was wiping, a hint of embarra.s.sment on her face. 

After staring for a few moments, Qiao Anxia lifted her head to look at Han Ruchu's infuriated expression then back at her disappointed parents. Fury erupted in her chest, and grabbing the photos, she left the house. 

Just then, the maid outside, who was watering the plants, greeted her, "Miss Qiao." 

Qiao Anxia ignored her, entering her car. Without even fastening her seat belt, she stomped on the accelerator. 

For the past few days, Qiao Anhao had been having dinner with Lu Jinnian, but this afternoon, he had informed her that he had to work overtime. So when it was 6 pm, she called for takeaway. 

Since she hadn't been alone for dinner these last few days, she didn't have much of an appet.i.te today. She didn't touch the takeaway that she had bought. Leaning against the sofa, she stared at the television for a while when her phone vibrated. Looking down, she saw that Lu Jinnian had just replied to the text she had sent half an hour ago.