Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Divorce(7)

[Have you had dinner?]

Qiao Anhao looked at the takeaway on the table. [No, I'm not hungry.]

This time, Lu Jinnian replied instantly. [Do you want to eat supper tonight?]

With hesitation, she replied, [Yep.]

[I'll contact you when I'm done.]

Before she could reply, her phone suddenly rang —it was a call from Qiao family. Without hesitation, Qiao Anhao picked up, and the moment she did, her aunt's urgent voice came through. "Qiao Qiao, do you have time now? Come back right away." 


"Yes, right now." 

Qiao Qiao could hear the seriousness from her aunt's voice. It sounded as if something serious had happened, so she replied with a faint "yea" before adding, " I understand, I'll come over now." 

Huan Ying had several new projects recently, causing Lu Jinnian to be unusually busy. The entire company was working overtime just to get things done. 

Expressionless, Lu Jinnian listened to the ideas from the project manager. He glanced over at his phone. When he realized that Qiao Anhao hadn't replied to his text, he locked his phone, placing his focus back on the screen. 

Just then, the meeting room door was pushed open and a secretary that hadn't knocked off came in. She signaled towards Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant. He stopped typing, and without interfering with anyone else, he silently left the room. After a while, he silently returned back to his chair. Turning to Lu Jinnian, he whispered in his ear, "Mr. Lu, the elder Miss Qiao is here, she wants to see you." 

Curiosity flitted past his gaze, before his expression turned calm once more. 

His a.s.sistant added softly, "I told to the secretary to bring her to the lounge." 

Lu Jinnian nodded faintly. He glanced at his phone before returning his attention to the meeting.

After about an hour, the meeting ended; it was currently 8.10 pm. Lu Jinnian packed the doc.u.ments on his table and left the room. When he was outside, he saw an impatient Qiao Anxia. Seeing him, she immediately walked forward, and in an imprudent tone, she said, "Lu Jinnian, lets have a talk." 

Lu Jinnian remained emotionless. Without even glancing at her, he brushed past and walked towards his office. 

The a.s.sistant smiled politely at Qiao Anxia. "Miss Qiao, if there is anything, you can speak to Mr. Lu in his office." 

Qiao Anxia glared at the a.s.sistant, then, turning, stomped behind Lu Jinnian. 

Lu Jinnian pushed open his office door, walking straight to his chair. Ever since early in the morning, he had only casually taken a small snack in the afternoon. He spent the rest of the day immersed in his work, so he felt extremely tired. With raised hands, he ma.s.saged his temples. 

His a.s.sistant escorted Qiao Anxia into the office, and after personally making two cups of coffee, he placed them on the table before leaving the office.