Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 487

Chapter 487: Divorce(8)
Chapter 487: Divorce8
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Once the room was left with just the two of them, Qiao Anxia walked to the front of Lu Jinnian's office to toss the photos onto his table violently.

Lu Jinnian frowned, but his eyes remained shut as he massaged his temples.

Seeing his nonchalant expression, she remembered how he had always treated her. Infuriated, she said, "You better take a look at what it is!"

Lu Jinnian's face darkened, seemingly annoyed by Qiao Anxia's words. After pausing for a while, he removed his hands from his temples and straightened to sweep a glance past the photos on they table; they were of him and Qiao Anhao. Without much change in his expression, he continued to sip his coffee.

"How did you get them?"

"You already know about the existence of the photos?" Qiao Anhao heard the meaning behind his words. Unclear about his intentions, she asked, "Right, it's no wonder the photos didn't come out on tabloids. You must have already stopped it from spreading, but Lu Jinnian, even if you can stop it from going onto entertainment news, that doesn't mean you have stopped it from spreading privately."

Lu Jinnian lowered his lashes, blowing on the steaming cup of coffee as he continued to sip slowly.

Qiao Anxia clenched her fists before continuing, "You don't know where Qiao Qiao is right now?"

The moment her words fell, she distinctly heard Lu Jinnian stop drinking his coffee. At that moment, she felt confused by her own feelings. She hesitated momentarily before stating, "Qiao Qiao was summoned back home, she's back home right now because of the photos."

The cup fell, spilling onto the back of Lu Jinnians hand, scalding it, leaving a red bruise. Even though there wasn't much change in his expression, there was still a hint of worry in his gaze.

"Lu Jinnian, the entire business circle has seen the photos. They already know that Qiao Anhao has cuckolded Xu Jiamu, and auntie Xu is furious. An hour ago, she personally stomped over to my house to find my parents. Do you know the expression my parents had when they saw the photos?" Qiao Anxia paused, staring straight at Lu Jinnian. "Do you still remember what you told me a few months ago?"

Just then, she repeated the words she had said to him in the past. " Remember, I said, if you really love her, stop harassing her, let her go. You're going to ruin her at this rate!

"Now, what I want to say is that you have already ruined her!"

"Now, everyone knows that she had an affair. Auntie Xu is her mother in law, and because of this incident she hates her, and when Xu Jiamu finds out, he's going to scold her, and my parents are visibly disappointed with her. If Qiao Qiao and Xu Jiamu divorce because of this, my parents and the entire Qiao enterprise board will blame her!"