Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Divorce(12)

The a.s.sistant stood for a while before calling out, "Mr. Lu." 

After about five seconds, Lu Jinnian turned his head slowly. "What's wrong?" 

"It's almost ten, are you going to leave?" 

Lu Jinnian sipped the coffee out of habit, realizing that it had long gone cold. Placing the cup down, he wiped his face with a palm, replying, "Okay." 

He stood up to grab his jacket before leaving the office. 

His a.s.sistant glanced at the computer that was still switched on and the wallet next to it. He reminded, "Mr. Lu, your computer is still on." 

Lu Jinnian turned. "Oh," he murmured, returning to his desk to hurriedly switch the computer off. 

The a.s.sistant wondered, what exactly did Miss Qiao Anxia say to Mr. Lu? He didn't seem to be in the right state of mind... He pondered it for a bit before picking the wallet, not bothering to remind Lu Jinnian. 

Once they were out of the car park, the a.s.sistant looked at Lu Jinnian through the rear view mirror. He recalled that they had been going to Mian Xiu Garden for the past few nights, so he asked, "Mr. Lu, are you heading to Mian Xiu Garden?" 

Lu Jinnian stared out at the window, replying with a faint "Yea", 

The lights from the street lamp spilled across his face, blurring his expression. 

After a while, the a.s.sistant pa.s.sed the wallet over. "Mr. Lu, you forgot about your wallet." 

Lu Jinnian paused, reached over, and stuffed it into his pocket before returning to gaze outside. 

The car stayed silent. After about ten minutes, Lu Jinnian suddenly asked, "If you found out that your wife had a close male friend, what would you do?" 

The a.s.sistant wanted to reply with 'My wife wouldn't be close to another man' but once he saw Lu Jinnian's serious expression, he decided to reconsider his response. After wrecking his brain with the question, he replied with an exaggerated expression, "I would be angry, then upset." 

"Then.. would you quarrel with her?" 

"Not initially, but I would find her for a talk." The a.s.sistant paused before adding, "But if my wife continued to find the man after our talk, I would quarrel and worse, I would divorce her." 

"Oh," Lu Jinnian replied. He then asked, "If you parents knew about it, how would they react?" 

First he wanted him to think of his wife having an affair and now he wanted him to think of how his parents would react? The a.s.sistant was at a loss, but he still replied instantly.

"Well, the older generation would definitely make a fuss about it. If they liked her, it would be easier, but if they didn't like her, the situation would become tense and complicated." 

"Oh," Lu Jinnian muttered, and then stayed silent. 

The a.s.sistant was confused by Lu Jinnian's questions, why would he suddenly ask about his family matters? 

Through the rear mirror, he glanced over and asked, "Mr. Lu, what made you so curious?"