Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Divorce(13)

Lu Jinnian remained silent. 

His a.s.sistant spoke again. "Mr. Lu, are you going to invest in a family drama?" 

Lu Jinnian continued to stay silent. 

This time, his a.s.sistant remained silent as well, glancing at him through the rear mirror occasionally.

Lu Jinnian frowned, his expression not moody but with a hint of dilemma instead... What exactly did Miss Qiao Anxia say to Mr. Lu? 

The a.s.sistant started feeling curious, but just as he was wrecking his brain for an answer, Lu Jinnian suddenly asked, "Is there a deal in Hong Kong the day after tomorrow?" 

"Yes, Mr. Lu." The topic changed so fast the a.s.sistant could barely catch up .After a short pause, he added, "Mr. w.a.n.g is going to Hong Kong tonight regarding the contract."

In a faint voice, Lu Jinnian said, "Inform him that he doesn't need to go." 

"Huh?" the a.s.sistant asked.

Just then, Lu Jinnian added, "Book two tickets to Hong Kong, we'll go to settle the deal." 

Lu Jinnian was meant to go for the deal, but yesterday afternoon, he had forced it on Mr. w.a.n.g. Now, out of a sudden, when Mr. w.a.n.g was already in the airport, he suddenly changed his mind... 

The a.s.sistant called Mr w.a.n.g uncertainly. 

After hanging up the call, he booked the flight tickets. "It's at 11 pm, we'll make it if we head to the airport now. I'll get the hotel in Hong Kong to settle our clothes." 

Lu Jinnian replied with a light "Yea". Just then, his phone rang, and he looked into the screen out of habit, realizing that it was a message from Qiao Anhao. [Still working?]

Lu Jinnian unlocked his phone. He was about to reply but then hesitated slightly; he deleted the response and placed the phone face down beside him. 

When Qiao Anhao returned back to Mian Xiu Garden, it was already 10 pm. She was supposed to have supper with Lu Jinnian, but he hadn't contacted her. She looked at her phone and sent a text over, [Still working?]

After about a minute, Lu Jinnian still hadn't replied. This was the first time that he hadn't replied to her. Before, even when he was at his busiest, he would still reply instantly when night fell, so Qiao Anhao sincerely believed that he was just busy. After removing her clothes, she entered the bathroom. 

When she was out, she headed straight for her phone, but Lu Jinnian still hadn't replied. Placing it back down, she headed towards the vanity table to blow dry her hair. 

It was nearing 11 pm, so even if he was working, he should be done soon, so she ran back to the changing room to stare at the large row of clothes before settling on a pastel yellow sling dress. She circled in front of the mirror, and once satisfied, she hurried out of the changing room back to her phone, but Lu Jinnian still hadn't replied. She sent a question mark over. 

When Lu Jinnian and his a.s.sistant were going through the security checks, Lu Jinnian emptied his pockets, placing everything necessary in the provided basket.