Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Divorce(16)

"Okay." After the a.s.sistant replied, he added thoughtfully, "Miss Qiao, when Mr. Lu wakes up, I'll get him to call you."

"Thank you."

After making himself presentable, the a.s.sistant headed to Lu Jinnian's room. 

The night before, he had gotten a spare room key to Lu Jinnian's room. After knocking on the door, he waited for a while, and when he was sure that there wasn't any movements in the room, he swiped the card and entered. 

The living room was empty. When he pushed open the bedroom door, the strong cigarette smell came flooding out, irritating his nose, causing him to sneeze twice. 

The bed was a mess, but Lu Jinnian was no longer in it. The bathroom doors were shut and the sound of running water could be heard. The a.s.sistant pressed his nose while walking towards the coffee table, the entirety of which was filled with cigarette b.u.t.ts of every length. He opened all the windows to air the room before taking a deep breath. Just then, he heard the bathroom door open.

When the a.s.sistant first started working as Lu Jinnian's manager, he had nagged him about his eating choices and lifestyle, and even till today, the habit remained.

"Mr. Lu, why did you smoke so much yesterday? How many times have I told you that smoking is bad for health. Even if you can't quit, how could you have smoked so much?"

Lu Jinnian remained nonchalant towards his a.s.sistant's nagging. With his dripping wet hair, he picked his clothes up, draped them over himself, and started b.u.t.toning the b.u.t.tons. 

The a.s.sistant continued to nag, but just then, he remember the phone call with Qiao Anhao, so he stopped nagging and said, "Mr. Lu, if you have time, you should give Miss Qiao a call."

Lu Jinnian paused, not making a sound. 

His a.s.sistant started explaining the details, "Miss Qiao tried to contact you yesterday but since she couldn't reach you, she came to find me instead. I returned her call this morning when I saw her missed call." 

Lu Jinnian acknowledged his words with a brief "yea" while putting on his suit jacket. Grabbing the doc.u.ments at the side, he left the room.

His a.s.sistant followed after him in a hurry. 

Qiao Anhao's mood was lifted instantly by the call. She laid on her bed, happily returning back to sleep. 

When she woke up once again, it was already noon. The night before, she had left the television running. When she glance over, she actually found Lu Jinnian, dressed in formal clothes, on the screen. 

Qiao Anhao flipped and stared at the screen unwaveringly. 

Lu Jinnian was tall and had outstanding looks. Even if the broadcast was about a new business cooperation, the camera was focused on Lu Jinnian. The screen never once left him, it was either zoomed in straight on his face or zoomed out for a wide angle view.

Lu Jinnian sat on the first row, a laptop in front of him. As the different speakers came on stage, he would occasionally tap his keypad before glancing towards his phone. Several times, he even swiped open his phone.

Qiao Anhao stared at Lu Jinnian's actions, a small smile spreading across her face, and a giggle escaped her lips.

Lu Jinnian was actually s.p.a.cing out... 

The memory of the past, of a physical education lesson came floating in her mind. At that time, her period came, so she left for cla.s.sroom earlier than usual.