Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 497

Chapter 497: Divorce(18)

After Qiao Anhao hung up the call, the image of Qiao Anxia singing alone in Royal Palace filled her mind. The more she thought, the more worried she got. After she changed, she took her bag and left.

When she reached the front desk of Royal Palace, she asked for Qiao Anxia and was escorted by a waiter to the room that she was in. The moment she reached the door of the room, she could hear Qiao Anxia's heartbroken voice piercing through the air.

She pushed the door open, and the sight of Qiao Anxia standing on the table with her head raised high, screaming into the microphone, came into sight. Her surroundings was filled empty beer bottles. 

Qiao Anhao closed the door before rus.h.i.+ng to her sister. She lifted her hand to pull her down from the table. "Qiao Anxia, are you crazy?" 

She glanced at Qiao Anhao, continuing to sing. As she sang, tears streamed down her face. In the end, she knelt down with the microphone in her arms and started sobbing uncontrollably. 

Qiao Anxia didn't shut her microphone, and her sobs echoed through the entire room. 

This was probably the first time that Qiao Anhao had seen Qiao Anxia cry so helplessly. Frantically, she walked towards the computer to switch off the microphone before pulling Qiao Anxia up to the sofa and ordering a cup of hot tea. 

Qiao Anhao held the hot cup of tea, feeding Qiao Anxia slowly. She reached out to arrange her messy hair while pulling out a tissue to wipe her tears dry. 

Qiao Anxia had indeed drunk too much, but ever since she was young, she had been training her limits with Xu Jiamu, garnering a high tolerance towards alcohol. With just a few sips of hot tea, her mind cleared and Qiao Anhao's concerned face came into sight, the image stirring a fresh set of tears. 

"Sis, what exactly happened to you?" Qiao Anhao asked with concern. 

Qiao Anxia's tears fell furiously and she shook her head. She reached out to engulf Qiao Anhao in her arms, burying her head in her shoulder as she continued to sob quietly. 

Qiao Anhao returned the embrace silently, occasionally patting her back to rea.s.sure her. 

After a long time, Qiao Anxia seemingly calmed down. She took a deep breath before calling out, "Qiao Qiao." 


When Qiao Anxia heard the tender and soothing reply, her words froze in her throat, unable to come out. 

She had wanted to apologize but couldn't muster enough courage to do so. 

This was about when she was still young and ignorant. At that time, a moment of folly had caused so many complications.

She was afraid that the moment she spoke, she would see hatred in Qiao Anhao's eyes, and that she would no longer treat her as before. 

She opened her mouth but did not dare to tell the truth even now. Silently, she continued to hug Qiao Anhao tightly. 

Right now, she was confused and upset. 

She was afraid that Qiao Anhao wouldn't forgive her and heartbroken by losing the only opportunity to get close to Lu Jinnian. 

She knew that Lu Jinnian liked Qiao Anhao and not her. After two failed confessions, she had coolly found herself another guy, but right now, when she found out that she had lost the opportunity to get close to him by herself, she couldn't help feeling a kind of heartache that she had never felt before.